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How's our NY itinerary?

We get in on a redeye so...

1) head to Katz's deli morning (it's close to our hotel so we can drop off bags).

2) lunch/afternoon snack at John's Pizzeria (I haven't gone in over 10 years but it used to be a favorite)

3) dinner @ shea stadium. no expectations.

next day

4) lunch mid-day at morimoto's

drinks w/ friends.. recommendations for the best tequila selection in the village?

5) dinner late night at lupa. (give us time to digest lunch thoroughly).

We're only here the 2 nights. We'll grab breakfast somewhere before heading out Saturday. Maybe we'll grab lunch (so something between LES and grand central).

Any recs/alterations/suggestions would be appreciated. We currently have the reservations for morimoto and lupa.


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  1. Probably your best bet for a good tequila selection is Agave on 7th Avenue in the West Village. The "snacks" are good as well.

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      excellent, thanks! I think I got scared when i looked at the site because their house margarita is sauza. But upon further exploration I see a much more vast selection... that'll work!

    2. Try Essex or Stanton Social for brunch. Both are on the Lower East Side

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        those both look good, thanks! (like the slider idea at stanton social...)

        how are our other choices?

      2. Personally I would do something like Yasuda over Morimoto. Don;t get the tripe at lupa it was very mediocre - do get olive oil gelatto for dessert.

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          will look into this, thanks!

          I should also ask if any of our places have dress codes... We're SF casual so don't usually think about traveling with nicer clothes...


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            I am a big fan of tripe, and am quite fussy about it, and I found the tripe at Lupa to be quite good. If you like tripe I would certainly not avoid it. I'm not sure about dress for Morimoto, but the others you mention are all casual.

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                Morimoto is "casual chic." They also have a lounge area where you could probably get away with wearing pretty much whatever you want -- plus there's less pressure to order a 3-course meal (I find a sushi platter there to be more than I can finish on its own).

          2. For some good tequila (great drinks generally).. a bit off the radar and tiny spot in the village on Sullivan...Florencia 13. The food is pretty good also.

            1. A good itinerary. I'd pick Lombardi's on Spring over John's, though. Yasuda is a truly sublime sushi bar, you can't go wrong going there. Try to go early or about 2:00PM if you don't have reservation. No worries on the dress code, I've been to Yasuda in jeans, sneakers and a polo shirt. As far as Katz's goes, dress code, are you kidding? Just wear a shirt that has less holes than the swiss cheese.

              If you can make it to B&H Dairy at St. Marks & 2nd for breakfast on saturday do it. It's a NYC hole in the wall treasure, IMHO. Have the blintzes or LEO.

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              1. re: johnindabronx

                Thanks everyone for the rec's!

                re: John's... that one's nostalgia for me as a displaced east coast gal. BUT I haven't eaten there in over a decade so if the quality's gone down, well, I'm trying to convince my chicago-raised SO that NY thin crust pizza IS better than Chicago thin crust pizza.

                and it sounds like you're also voting for yasuda over morimoto's?

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                  At Yasuda, the thing to do is order sushi, at the sushi bar, and go omakase. At Morimoto, the sushi is, surprisingly, the weakest link on their menu.

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                    I'm not a John's fan, but it's about the same give or take a little grease.

                    I second the Stanton Social for brunch. Nothing like it in SF, and it's a small plate brunch. They take reservations, but Shopsin's is nearby as a backup.

                2. Yasuda over Morimoto for sure. For tequila selection I would pick Barrio Chino on the LES. Food is tasty as well.

                  1. Lupa is great. Yasuda for sushi/maki no question, but if you are going for hot dishes I say Nobu over Morimoto. On your way out maybe a burger from Shake Shack or Rare Bar

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                      Thanks everyone! The suggestions for yasuda over morimoto helped define friday plans (morning @ the moma followed by lunch). and we got reservations @ the sushi bar so perfect!

                      barrio chino pix look interesting but the web site doesn't like their tequilas ! same with florencia 13 (off the radar is good...)
                      thanks again!

                      1. re: margieco

                        hmmm. Can't help with the list of tequilas at Barrio Chino but I can tell you it is extensive...I've done a few tasting flights there with friends who are more in the know. Maybe they would be able to email you or fax you a list? It really is a great little spot.

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                          tequila list is just because i'm curious.. i think my best bet is to just go there and discover for myself :)

                          thanks again.

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                            I don't know much about tequilas, but a place we frequent because we like their food has a "tequila bar". It's called Gabriela's, on the UWS if you find yourself in this nabe. Here's their site: http://www.gabrielas.com/ where they show the tequila menu.

                    2. I don't know if this is too late for you ... but ... the only thing really worth getting at Shea is a sandwich from Mamas of Corona (field level, which everyone can get to during batting practice). They have a couple of different selections - I personally like the fresh mozz and grilled veggies (DH likes the mixed Italian meats). Also, if you drink, the best beer selections are on the Mezz level (Brooklyn, Sam Adams, Blue Moon).

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                        perfect and not too late... we'll be in town for the cubs/mets game (hopefully people won't be too hard on my cubs-hat-wearing SO) and i think we may be field level.
                        and beer selection is good, too!


                      2. I have not been, but a place called Agave has tequila flights on the menu and an extensive list of tequilas