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Sep 9, 2008 06:43 PM

Help me replicate this salad I had in Spain

I ate this seemingly simple but extraordinarily delicious salad in a little cafe in Madrid. Unfortunately, I can't figure out what was in it or remember what they called it - oops.

Luckily, I took a picture (click on "all sizes" to get a larger view):

We can see:
* Strips of meat - ham?
* Hearts of palm
* Capers
* Tomatoes
* Lettuce - though I'm not sure what kinds are in there, there's definitely some sort of reddish/pinkish leafy plant

I'd love to identify the peppers as well, they look like hot chili peppers, but I don't remember the salad being very spicy, so I'm at a loss. A huge thanks in advance to anyone that knows what they are...

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  1. looks like strips of saranno ham and grilled red bells I am not sure on the peppers but I'll bet there is some manchego cheese and black olives and capers

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    1. re: Analisas mom

      I think seranno ham is usually cut thinner than that; color is deeper too. So it could even be unsmoked pork, or just a lightly cured form.

      The larger red pepper may be piquillo, but the thinner green curly ones are not.

      With hearts of palm it probably is not a traditional salad. The closest thing I can find in The New Spanish Table is 'ensalda mixta' - mixed salad, which of course can be any combination of lettuce, raw and cooked vegetables, tuna or ham, peppers, tomatoes, eggs, etc. Dressing may be simple vinaigrette.

    2. Possibly piquillo roasted red peppers. They are popular in Spain.

      1. I'm pretty sure the green peppers are guindilla peppers.

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            those round things look like caper berries (giant version of capers) not olives to me. The meat looks like regular spanish ham (Jamon) and the red peppers are almost certainly piquillo peppers. Can't speak to the green peppers, so i'll take other posters word for them being guindilla. The long white things I think are not hearts of palm but giant white spanish asparagus, a popular salad item in spain, almost certainly from a jar.

            gotta love those spanish salads! they're great, unless you actually want some some real leafy greens and raw veggies!

            1. re: missmasala

              I agree - I think those are white asparagus, not hearts of palm, and definitely piquillo peppers along with the guindillas. Not caperberries, however. I think they're just large Spanish capers. I use caperberries and they look much different - they're the fruit, usually stemmed, while capers are the buds. I think I see a slice of hard-boiled egg between the tomatoes and, as Niblet mentions, for lettuce, I also see frisee and radicchio. Now I'm hungry!

              Link to a pic from tapas I did recently. Caperberries are in the bowl on the left (along with jamon, marcona almonds and Spanish cheeses).


              1. re: Rubee

                @Rubee That plate looks fantastic! Hard to buy jamon in Ottawa.

        1. I wonder if those are pistachios rather than capers or caper berries. They look a little dark but maybe roasted. Not to be a geek, but I think nuts would be a nicer counterpoint than capers to the jarred hearts of palm or white asparagus.

          I'm also seeing frisee and raddichio. What a fun puzzle!

          1. Hi everyone, thanks a lot for your help! I've never seen piquillo or guindilla peppers at the markets here in Ottawa, but now that I have a name the search might be easier. The white asparagus in jars I've definitely seen in food shops.

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            1. re: jpdaigle

              If you have trouble finding them, you might want to check out and/or - not sure if they ship to Canada though.


              1. re: MMRuth

                Second Latienda - I buy most of my Spanish ingredients from here.

                Pics from Latienda:

                Guindillas Peppers

                Piquillo Peppers

                White asparagus

                1. re: Rubee

                  I am lucky to have The Spanish Table in the next town. It's quite good for buying ingredients online if you don't live near Berkeley, Seattle or Santa Fe.

                  You can just search for The Spanish Table