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Anisette - must-try items?

Finally checking out Anisette this week. Any recommendations on must-try's?

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  1. The foie gras is spectacular.

    1. The sweetbread appetizer is fabulous. For desserts I recommend the Foret Noire cake and the Lavender ("vacherin") ice cream. I had good moules-frites.
      Love their breakfast basket of pastries, and their espresso is very, very good.

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        Agree the lavender ice cream is a must. I also like the fish soup and onion soup.

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          I also agree with bad nono about their desserts. Also, their burgers are great.

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            The desserts were really good when the restaurant first opened. However we went for dessert a few days ago and found the same items to be cloyingly sweet. I don't know if there's a recent change in personnel in the kitchen or what, but I'm hoping it's not permanent.

        2. The onion soup and the daube.

          1. Probably the best bargain in haut cuisine is Anisette's "Menu du Market" - and it usually changes every day. $19.50 for two course. A little more for dessert.

            It's what I usually get. New Trial (is he an appeals lawyer?) is right - the daube and onion soup stand out. I do like the roast chicken too. My mouth is watering. I'll have to go tomorrow.

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              I prefer to think of myself as a lawyer with appeal. The user name was chosen as a triple-play on words, referring to food, law and the fact that I was joining a group like this for the first time. By the way, one of the things I like about having the roast chicken at Anisette is that the little pots of mustard are already set on the table, the better to enhance the already flavorful bird.

            2. Love love love the steak frites. Just like France. Also the roast chicken with their mustard, yum.

              1. Wasn't as thrilled with anisette as I had hoped, but those house made noodles were really good. Not fancy, but very satisfying. They are a side dish.

                I also agree with others, that the French Onion soup was really nice. The appetizer for two stack thing was good.

                The duck was dry, dry, dry. My husband liked his steak au poivere (sp?) but the frites were just icky to me. The steak was perfectly cooked.

                Don't expect great service there, though. It is sort of clueless. They kept forgetting things I had ordered and we had a hard time getting service at all, at some points. They also took my husband's drink order, forgot it, took it again, took forever to bring it, then brought him the wrong drink. He said it was good, just wasn't what he had asked for!

                1. I don't think it's currently on the menu, but the salmon with asparagus and hollandaise I had a few months ago was outstanding. The vacherin glace is one of my favorite desserts in LA.

                  1. Foie gras, duck confit, fish soup, steak tartare, burger

                    1. if i lived in the area, i would eat at the bar at least once/week - only item i need, the pate , well two items, pate and a glass of wine. It's a great price - $13 - had a comparable pate at bouchon in vegas that cost $40-$45 !! the pate was a little better at bouchon ( i believe anisette uses chicken liver mixed with foie gras ) but it wasn't $30 better !!

                      1. Surprised no one has mentioned the oysters. They have a decent selection of various fresh oysters at a reasonable cost; the Luna and Kumamoto were both fresh and delicious.

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                          I was there last night. I agree that the pate is excellent. So was the cheese board.

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                            you guys are making me hungry....gotta check this place out sometime....just SM traffic makes me cringe.....

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                              Just come from the NE by taking Arizona to 2nd Street and turn L (South) to the parking garage in the middle of the block between Arizona and Santa Monica Blvd. on the N side of the street. The restaurant is just barely E of 2nd St. on the N side of Santa Monica Blvd.

                              The public parking structure has a $3 flat rate after 6 pm and you won't be caught in the absolute gridlock that SM Blvd. becomes as you drive W towards the Promenade and the Pacific Ocean.

                              Get the moule frites and the foie gras and the lamb special if you're there on a night it's offered.