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Sep 9, 2008 06:00 PM

SOS--indian burnout

i love indian food, but am feeling like the old standbys have gone stale...restaurants change so quickly, i'm hoping to hear the latest on places i haven't been to in a while and maybe find something new and awesome.

went to indique heights last night, was underwhelmed....when the original went downhill, i figured they had sent their best guys over to it seems the whole production has jumped the shark. confirm/deny?

rasika is awesome, but inconvenient and a little fancy for my average week night.

haven't been to heritage in awhile....whats the verdict? also which location is the best at this point....

delhi club in clarendon was recently decent. went to minerva's weekend buffet a month or so ago, incredibly disappointing.

is haandi still good? passage to india?

has anyone been to indian ocean on connecticut by van ness?

any dark horses?

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  1. Get yourself to Punjab Dhaba in Falls Church for the Tandoori Chicken and the Dahi Vada. That combination is the best Indian meal in the area. The flavors will knock you over.

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    1. re: Steve

      Punjab Dhaba at Loehmann's Plaza, next Pho 50? I work nearby, and the couple times I went there for lunch, there are no customers. All of my programmers are Indian, and we went once, and they won't go back. Maybe the lunch is prepared separately from dinner -- different staff, cooks, and menu? (by the way, the programmers do like the lunch buffet at Minerva on Rt. 50 in Fairfax., but I think they like the variety more than anything else.)

      1. re: MartinDC

        First of all, you have to avoid the buffet, but I avoid buffets in general. None of your co-workers or anyone else for that matter would be disappointed with the Tandoori Chicken. The dahi vada, when you order it off the posted board rather than the buffet, comes with the trinity of Indian chaat sauces: green chile, yogurt, and tamarind. This is a great meal I promise you, and it will throw you for a loop.

    2. Haandi has still got it. Way better than Passage to India. And service is better too.

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      1. re: baconmakesitbetter

        Sorry, I completely disagree. Haandi isn't a bad place, but what I've had there has generally been underspiced. Not only was everything I tried at Passage to India flavorful and delicious, they've got some unusual dishes simply not available elsewhere in the area. I've had no problems with the service at either place.

        1. re: potrzebie

          The Haandi in Bethesda? I'm surprised. We like food really spicy, and they accommodate us, but maybe it's because they know us. My experience at Passage to India was bad. They gave me the wrong dish and wouldn't fix it.

          1. re: baconmakesitbetter

            I love Haandi in Bethesda (haven't been to the one in FC). The food and service are consistently great. My only issue is the prices on some things (like $3 for a tiny amount of mango chutney).

      2. I really like House of India in Columbia. Their whole Tandoori fish, or their house special biryani are better than I've had anywhere else.
        It's certainly nothing fancy & a bit out of the way, but truly good food.

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          1. I've only been to the Indique in Cleveland Park once but won't return. I found it very disappointing and a little over priced for what we ordered.

            By go to Indian restaurant is Heritage. I go to the one in Dupont Circle (since that is where I live). I think the food is excellent and its also nice that you can eat there on a budget if you want by ordering off of the Hawker's Zone menu.

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            1. re: Elyssa

              To each her own...I really LIKE Indique. Overall, I find Indian food to be full of complex flavors, with spice combinations that produce many different "hits" on different parts of my tongue. As for looks... is there anything more gorgeous than a plate of chicken from the tandoor? Lots of Indian food is slow-simmered, but that's not "overcooked" in my book. I don't have a lot of patience for the dismissing of an entire cuisine.

              So, I've heard about a new Indian place near DuPont, possibly that replaced another Indian place (sorry to be vague). Any info, anyone?

              1. re: dcandohio

                There are a few pretty bad Indian places in Dupont. It would be awesome if they were replaced by better restaurants. There is one near The Big Hunt which I remember being pretty mediocre. (Is it possible that this place is called Taj Mahal?) And then there is that place right next to Bistro du Coin (perhaps called Polo something or other?). Is this what you are thinking of?

                Sorry I am vague as well....can't remember the names.

                1. re: Elyssa

                  I think this place might be on P...kind of a take-out place. That place next to Bistrot du Coin has never interested me, as my Indian friend went there and he pronounced it "YUK." Never tried the place near Big Hunt. The Indian places on Connecticut at the Woodley Park metro are not very good, either, in case anyone was wondering...

                  1. re: dcandohio

                    I posted about that P Street place a few weeks ago:

                    There's Amma vegetarian Indian on M Street in Georgetown, very cheap and good dosas. Nothing transcendent, but a good value.

                    The lunch special at Heritage India in Glover Park is a very good deal and delish.