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Sep 9, 2008 05:26 PM

Bridgeport-Fairfield fine dining

Looking for recommendations for a quiet, relatively upscale restaurant, good food and wine, nothing too exotic (Italian, French, creative American) for Saturday night. Many thanks fo all suggestions.

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  1. Paci in Southport...very good Italian, not red sauce...housemade pasta, the antipasti is fabulous. Other than that, I would recommend The Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton, excellent food. Both places have websites that you can check out menus.

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      Our favorite destination in the Bridgeport/Fairfield area remains St. Tropez in Fairfield. It is an absolute gem of a restaurant and while certainly not inexpensive, compared to other Fairfield County spots, their prices are very moderate. I say this only because while Paci may offer very good Italian food, their prices have always bordered on outrageous. Check out their menu at (a $60 steak??????? - salads STARTING at $10.50!).

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        sorry, but I'd have to disagree. Finally tried St. Tropez recently and it was one of the worst meals I ever had. Not sure if it's considered upscale, but Osianna is fabulous. Another Fairfield option is Fraiche - have not tried yet but has been very well received on and off of Chow.

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          Totally agree about St Tropez...we tried it twice and it was terrible. Mediocre food, mediocre service, not willing to pay anything for that.
          Yes, Paci has a $60 steak, but they also have a much less expensive steak of great quality. The food is consistently very very good.
          Osianna is wonderful...we go there for lunch all the time, but haven't been for dinner. Fraiche is decent. The food is good, but the front of house is so "off" that it often becomes comical, but usually just uncomfortable. Sad, because there is talent in the kitchen.

    2. Had dinner at Tuscany on madison ave Bridgeport. they make their own pasta. the waiter comes by with a tray of 10 different pastas, ravioli, agnalatti ,etc. to show you. we had the grilled baby octopus, salads, lobster ravioli special and the veal chop. everything was great! excellent service

      1. I don't make it out to Fairfield very often anymore, but, when I still lived in that neck of the woods, my favorite was always La Colline Verte. While I've never been to some of the big name French places closer to New York, La Colline Verte is by far the best French I've had in Connecticut. The service is impeccable, though it does move at a rather French pace (which is to say that it might not be fast enough for the New York crowd).

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          La Colline Verte is now a different restaurant, Fraiche, mentioned above.

        2. Ended up at Tuscany. It was lovely. Very busy but quiet enough that conversing wasn't an issue. The food-polenta with gorgonzola for two of us, gnocchi bolognese, a caeser salad, broccoli rabe and a bean soup shared by the others were all excellent. Really good espresso. Prices were reasonable though the wine seemed a little high. Thanks to all for your help.