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Sep 9, 2008 04:58 PM

Lao Gan Ma Hot & Spicy Sauce

I can no longer find Lao Gan Ma Hot & Spicy Sauce at any of the local Asian markets. Can anyone suggest an online source that I can order it from, a similar sauce that might be available locally, or a recipe for a similar type of sauce?

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  1. I've always found it at 99 Ranch Market, but your post /profile does not say where you are located. Perhaps a Taiwanese-owned store in your area might have it. Another good brand is Red Earth Homemade Szechuan Chili Paste - similar ingredients, with the addition of prickly ash (Sichuan peppercorn) and sesame.

    1. After several months of not being able to buy this great chili sauce, I had my wife, she's Chinese, call the super 88 market in Boston. Their response was that customs had stopped it from coming into the US. No word at all from Customs.

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        I wonder why? All I can find by Googling is that back in 2004 some Lao Gan Ma products were recalled because they had excessive levels of erucic acid. I wonder if it's the same problem this time?

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          Oh, what a bummer. I just recently realized that the supply chain had been cut off - I always had enough difficulty finding Lao Gan Ma that, when I did, I would stock up on 6 jars or so at a time. We just finished the last one and were confronted with the new situation.

          I hope whatever the problem was, they can get it worked out - the substitute sauces I've tried are really pitiful in comparison!

        2. Lao Gan Ma is back! I just got tipped off by a friend who is currently trapped in China awaiting a visa so he can return. I went to my local 99 Ranch (Mountain View, CA) and they had Hot & Spicy Sauce and Black Bean Sauce. I did not see Hot Pot Condiment, but i usually had to go to Marina grocery for that. Hooray!

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. I just bought a bottle of Lao Gan Ma chili in's delicious straight up but I'm looking for other uses. Any suggestions?

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                My favorite non-traditional use is 50% chili oil / 50% butter on popcorn; sprinkle with salt and ground sichuan pepper.

                1. re: Jeff Campbell

                  That sounds awesome! I just made some chicken soup with just basic chicken stock and a ton of lao gan ma...delicious!