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In search of poutine

I have a fierce craving for good poutine. Where can I find some in Boston/Cambridge/etc.? (Is there anywhere other than All Star? (the only metro Boston option I can find in previous threads) Must be accessible by T.

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  1. See if you can hitch a ride to Montréal Fries on Route 106 in West Bridgewater. It's the only source of authentic poutine in the area.

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      The poutine at Montreal Fries is pretty close to authentic but it lacks the rich flavored gravy that you get when you're within Montreal Proper. I was disappointed on when I tried it.

    2. The Beehive used to offer it as a $10 side dish; not sure if they do any more.

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        I was there a little while ago, and poutine was still on the menu. It was fabulous- different than other poutine because the fries are so flat and thin, but so good!

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          Sounds like the same "frites" that they serve with their burger. I have to say I don't care for them; they remind me more of kettle-cooked potato chips than french fries, too thin and crisp, no starchy interior at all.

      2. All Star Sandwich in Inman square serves a version. It's not bad, but the fries aren't crispy enough for my taste.

        1. Townsend's in Hyde Park has a decent version at the bar - sharp cheddar rather than cheese curds, though.


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            agreed, love Townsends version. If you're looking for authentic this isn't it, but it's a great interpretation.

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              Have you had it there recently? That article is a little old, and their website doesn't list poutine... Oh, I hope they have it! I work so close by!!

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                There is a family type restaurant in Nashua, NH that serves it; I found out about it on this board and went. Not too bad; but it did the trick until I could make it back to Montreal. I can't remember the name, but if you google poutine and Nashua, NH it might come up.

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                  If I recall correctly, it was removed from the menu at the Harvest about the time the current chef arrived. I was hoping they would offer it again if they received a lot of requests, but perhaps I was kidding myself. The good news is that The All Star Sandwich Bar still serves it.