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Sep 9, 2008 04:00 PM

Roasting wax or green beans?

Anyone ever try roasting wax or green beans? I usually prepare them sauteed or just boiled, and I've never seen a recipe that calls for roasting them, but I thought I might try it.

I have a huge batch of wax beans from my CSA and I'm roasting a chicken, so I'm considering tossing them in some olive oil and marjoram and adding them to the pan.


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  1. You may not have all the ingredients on hand but I love this recipe for lemon roasted green beans that was in Bon Appetit. It seems like you can hardly go wrong roasting any vegetable!

    1. Sounds to me as if they might dry out, but try it and see. Meanwhile, if you have a lot of beans, consider these very good Dilly Beans: Pack raw green or wax beans in a jar, upright, as tight as you can get them. Along with the beans, pack in a lot of garlic, dill, hot chile flakes, and mustard seed. Bring a cup each of vinegar and water to a boil with 2 tablespoons of salt. Pour over beans to cover. Refrigerate for a month before using. Good with beer.

      1. just roasted some for a class last night--with artichoke hearts and walnuts. i use at least a 400 degree oven, but up to 450. as you said, toss with a bit of olive oil, and season as you wish. single layer on a baking sheet. time will depend on the size of the beans and your oven temp, but 18-22 min. is about right. they will look a bit shriveled, but the flavors are concentrated and earthy. i love roasted green and yellow beans....and any other veg. it's my "go to" method for any veg but lettuce, pretty much.

        1. i've roasted green beans... absolutely delicious