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Sep 9, 2008 03:02 PM

Best Value in Chicago

What are some places that offer great value for the prices paid? I'm looking for more places along the lines of Avec, that have pretty high quality food in an upscale setting for no more than $15-25 pp (without liquor). I'm open to any type of food, at any time of the day. Thanks!

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  1. I think that the best value is Three Happiness (the small place on the south side of the street) in Chinatown. Authentic Cantonese food at phenomenally low prices. You can also BYO wine/beer.

    Second choice would be the Doggie Diner on Armitage. Not exactly an upscale setting but the dogs are excellent and the fries terrific.

    1. The always-reliable Marche on Randolph has a very good value on Mondays and Wednesdays. $29 for three courses; pretty much anything on their menu. You'll pay about that for an entree most other nights. And they give yu a gift certificate for Red Light across the street.

      1. Lula Cafe has similar food to Avec and is very reasonable.

        1. Catch an Indian lunch or dinner buffet on Devon or in River North.

          1. Thanks for the replies everyone -

            I've had Three Happiness many times, although Lao Sze Chuan remains my favorite.

            I will try out Marche (same owner as Opera if I remember correctly) and Lula Cafe, any suggestions for what I should order?

            For Indian in River North, where should I go?

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              Lula Cafe has a "regular" menu and there are some very good inexpensive dishes. I love the roasted chicken. Lula also has several daily specials which are always good to try.