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Sep 9, 2008 02:59 PM

Looking for inexpensive restaurant w/ private room

I am planning a small alumni event (35 or so are expected) for next month where there will be a guest speaker, and am looking for a decent restaurant - mid-City preferred but will take anything btwn downtown and Santa Monica - where we could host the event on a Monday night for $40 per person (food, tip and service included, but not drinks). Anyone done this kind of dinner (or maybe a rehearsal dinner or something along those lines) and could recommend a suitable restaurant? Food does not have to be amazing, but nowhere that will be awful.

We tried Cuidad, La Terza, and the Mozza room, but they were too pricey. I also tried Zucca and Loteria in Hollywood, but their private rooms are too small. Finally, we tried Pitfire Pizza downtown. Food was good and the price was right but the upstairs room is not right for this event. We can't afford a super nice restaurant, but I think a different environment would be preferred given it's a presentation, not just a casual gathering.

I have to find something by tomorrow so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you like classic steakhouses you might want to check with Taylor's on 8th St. in K-town. They have an upstairs area that would work fine for what you are proposing and they should be able to make your price point work too.

    1. Would you consider Chinese?

      Maybe Empress Pavillion in Chinatown? It could easily accomodate your group and would definitely be within budget.

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        We would consider Chinese but I don't think it would be the first choice of cuisine. I'll check it out though. Thanks.

      2. The Pig and Whistle in Hollywood. They have a private room in the back that could hold up to 100 people. There's a bar back there too so drinks could be ordered in the private room. They have a catering menu on their web site. I've been and had their $30 per person buffet. The food was really good. No cost to rent the room.

        1. Antonios mexican restaurant on Melrose has two private rooms. Both are really nice.

          1. Call Porterhouse Bistro (310.659.1099; 8635 Wilshire Blvd, BH 90211). They offer a prix fixe menu ($40, 3 courses, includes 2 drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)). To secure the private room (seats 40; flat screen TV), the manager, David, will ask for a credit card number. My department (at Cedars hospital) has held 2 events there so far. The reaction has always been positive. Good luck!