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Sep 9, 2008 02:59 PM

Location of Death claims another victim

In north Arlington on Lee Highway: Milan Restaurant, formerly Charley Horse Grill, formerly an Indian vegetarian restaurant and a dozen other places, originally a Pizza Hut many years ago, is closed once more. A new sign has gone up and it looks like maybe a wine and beer shop is next. Maybe a retail store will have better luck. The last place, it seemed like, lasted just a few months.

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  1. Thats too bad. I remember that for a short time after they opened, the Pho place that was there a few iterations back actually was fairly good. Then it stumbled badly and was gone several months later. Charley Horse was no better, and Milan got panned pretty heavily. I kind of doubt that a retail store will do much better, but would like to be wrong. I kind of wish it would become a neighborhood pub, ala the Vienna Inn or McKeevers. Stumbling distance to home is nice, and i don't like Cowboy Cafe too much. Guess I ought to try Bernies...

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    1. re: Ziv

      Note to prospective restaurateurs:

      Keep your life savings in your pocket. If a Pizza Hut can't make it, your quirky little neighborhood eatery won't make it either.

      Always makes me sad to see this happen.

      1. re: wayne keyser

        Another one that seems to be on the skids is the place that, for about 20 years, was Joe's Pizza and Pasta on Leesburg Pike just west of Bailey's Crossroads. It was originally a Red Barn, fumbled around a while before Joe's settled in, and when Joe's left, a rotisserie chicken place, after taking a long time to open, was there for about six months. Now there's a pizza and pasta place there again. Maybe that's what the neighborhood wants. We'll see.

        I rather liked the chicken place that was there for a while, but I haven't tried the pizza place yet. I've gone in to check the menu a couple of times (it's evolving) but haven't found anything that isn't too big for lunch and I don't want leftovers.

        1. re: MikeR

          My whole family seriously SERIOUSLY resents each and all of the places that came after Joe's ... we'll miss it.

          1. re: MikeR

            I worked at Red Barn in HS and then across the street at the bank in college. Red Barn closed in Spring of 1981 and a few months later Joe's came in that spot - there were no intervening restaurants between Red Barn and Joe's. And I too loathe any place that occupies that spot now that Joe's Bailey's x-roads is finito !

        2. re: Ziv

          As I recall, the first thing after the Pizza Hut's departure from that location was a vegetarian, south Asian place called Health is Wealth. It was pretty good; introduced a lot of us to a lot of ingredients we hadn't seen before. I suspect the name, though well-meaning, scared some people away (and some probably thought it was an acupuncturist or aroma therapy place). Plus all the other disadvantages of the location, which have been recited on this board before.

        3. funny, i was just driving by there last weekend and pointed out to my boyfriend that spot, told him nobody can keep a business open there. it just needs a good chef that's a little past the up-and-coming mark, good publicity and some style. i think a continental american/french bistro perhaps, or maybe a steakhouse would do well there.

          1. I've read before that in the restaurant business there are some locations that are considered cursed locations. It seems at these "cursed locations" no matter how good the restaurant is, it is doomed to fail. The flipside of this is that some locations are considered good ones for restaurants and as a result mediocre places seem to flourish in these spots. I think anyone looking to open a restaurant should check the history of the location before signing a lease. Of course this won't help if it is a new building...