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Sep 9, 2008 02:58 PM

Calgary: Good place to buy cast iron cookware?

Looking for somewhere in Calgary to buy a good cast iron griddle (ie. lodge) and I want to avoid Comlpete Cook and William's Sonoma.
Somewhere more affordable like Ribtor (before they closed).

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    1. re: cdn

      Could always try Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire or Wholesale Sports---all hot beds of the culinary arts!

    2. i think a bass pro shop is opening soon just outside of calgary- the bass pro shop website shows lots of lodge products. the last time i went to wholesale sports, in edmonton, they had no lodge products

      1. lol, buying cast iron at williams sonoma would be like buying hemp necklaces at tiffany's...

        ribtor hasn't closed down completely, just the downtown location. they still operate out of their warehouse at 2713 16th street SE.

        i would also suggest the Army & Navy store behind canadian tire in the NE at 1107 33 St NE. We bought a few cast iron pans from their camping section.

        i'm pretty sure i've seen cast iron pans in the flea market section of the crossroads market also.

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        1. re: marcopolo

          Actually Williams and Sonoma do carry cast iron, its a line called Lodge made in the U.S.A, the y may be a bit pricier than other places, try a food equipment store such as Russell

          1. re: throwdown

            That's what i'm sayin! Lodge is a great brand for cast iron... I love my Lodge cast iron skillet -- in fact, I cooked some great Rougie duck breasts with it last night -- but Lodge isn't exactly hard to come by...

            Why pay the extra $$$ at W&S when you most likely can get it cheaper somewhere else (as OP is looking to do)? heck, the 12" skillet is 5 bucks cheaper on ($24.99) than on ($29.99, and that's their american pricing... incidentally, hendrix has the same pan for $48.95 on their website...)

        2. I agree with marcopolo -- try Superstore, I saw Lodge cast iron pans there in the summer, they may have moved them out now that it's fall. I think a large frying pan was $20.00. Got a great deal on a pair of Lodge cast iron pans, one small and one large frying pan, the two of them for $20.00 at Costco. Again, they may have moved them out as fall's here.

          1. ARMY AND NAVY!!!
            great prices, and lots of selection... in the camping section though.. not the kitchen area

            Also... the sports outfitters, next to the Brick in Deerfoot Medows has a pretty big selection to!

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            1. re: CookieGal

              I second Outdoor Sports Outfitters in the Deerfoot Meadows. That's where I got my Lodge cast iron dutch oven and it's amazing quality for a reasonable price. Try and stay away from the cheaper made in China Wal Mart brands (although Lodge stuff comes from China too they seemed to have maintained the quality). All cast iron might look the same but the density/quality of the composition is what matters.