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Sep 9, 2008 02:47 PM

Where to host a small party in Philly's burbs?

I'm looking to host a party in central Bucks or Montgomery county? Any suggestions??

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  1. How many people? Can you give us a central location and a radius -- central Bucks plus Montgomery's a pretty big net! Any particular type of cuisine you love or wish to avoid? There are sure to be lots of options (and opinions) with a little more information!

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      I'm looking in the Lansdale/Hatfield/North Wales area. I would like a place that has fun atmosphere, and really good food. I would prefer not BYOB

    2. I hosted a bridal shower at La Cava on Butler Ave and it turned out really well. The restaurant is small, holds around 40 max I think. We held the shower off hours, Saturday afternoon just before the dinner rush so we got the whole restaurant to ourselves. We selected the menu - family style selection of most of their appetizers and three menu items - and it was around $20/pp. It is BYOB (and BYOT) and they mixed marharitas for us. Its a nice atmosphere too, a really nice time.

      1. Borghi's in Chalfont has a private upstairs for parties.

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