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Sep 9, 2008 02:43 PM

Boulud vs. Bouchon in Vegas

I've got a quick question - travelling to Vegas and I need to figure out which place I should go to - Daniel Boulud Brasserie or Bouchon Bistro? I've read through the various posts and opinions seem split.

Or just bypass both of these and go to L'Atelier?

Thoughts? Please?

Thanks so much!

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  1. while i havent been to daniel boulud brassserie i have been to bouchon and had one of my best meals in vegas there. if bouchon was where i lived i would go every week.....

    1. We recently had dinner at L'Atelier and breakfast at Bouchon. Both were excellent. I haven't been to Boulud, so I can't compare, but Bouchon is excellent for breakfast. L'Atelier has counter seating, so the experience is a little different (we enjoyed it), but the food was really good.


      1. I'd pick Buchon anyday. Great for dinner and breakfast!!! as Agent Foodie said if I has one near me I would eat there AT LEAST twice a week.

        1. been to both and I would do Bouchon for breakfast or app's of mussels and champagne at the bar and Daniel Boulud's for dinner..prix fixe dinner is a real bargain, service is excellent and the water show is an added bonus..we bring our own wine/champagne and corkage is around $25.
          Wynn Hotel is spectacular and all of their restaurants are a cut above most on the strip.

          1. let me preface this by saying that i adore bouchon and am quite fond of boulud. however, i have eaten at L'At several times recently and have found each experience to be nothing short of exceptional. imho breakfast at bouchon, dinner at L'At would not dissappoint.

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              Yeah - what palmdoc1 said! I've been to each of these restaurants several times. Despite my high regard for the two B's, L'Atelier is a notch better.