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Sep 9, 2008 02:40 PM

In search of the best Udon (in Seattle)

I haven't been to Japan and I'm told that the different parts of the country will all claim their Udon to be the best. For sure Seattle's variety won't compare, but what's out there that is worth trying out?

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  1. For me, udon is comfort food. When I am under the weather and don't want to stray far from home (Ballard), I like the nabeyaki udon at Bento Sushi. It's not fancy by any means, but they pack it full of goodies (veggies, chicken, egg, tempura shrimp), the broth is nice and the noodles are chewy.

    1. For this Japanese American, udon is indeed the ultimate comfort food. My favorite is at Tsukushinbo. The tempura udon is excellent. They serve the tempura (very light and crisp without being greasy) on the side so it doesn't get soggy. I first went to Tsukushinbo because a sushi chef from Japan recommended it as having the best dashi. The restaurant is a little family owned/operated place. Has good sushi, good soba, as well as other items, all for reasonable prices. Have not had better udon in Seattle unless I make it myself . . . .

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        Where is this said Tsukushinbo?

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          515 S. Main. A block west of the Panama Hotel. Sometimes service can be slow if it's busy--there's only one wait person.

      2. FYI, just opening next week in the University District is U:Don (, a new restaurant dedicated to Sanuki-style udon noodles...

        U:Don Fresh Japanese Noodle Station
        4515 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

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          Thanks for the tip. Looking at their menu is making me hungry!

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            U:Don made a good impression on us in our first visit.
            Clean, friendly, counter service sit down place
            Udon was nicely chewy (reminded us a little of Jack's, nicely/wistfully.
            Curry Udon was richly flavorful. Niku less so, but hard to go too far wrong with scallion, ginge, and basil. The Tempura bar is fresh and un-greasy, with good choices. Ours were satsuma-imo, kobacha, and odd, but unobjectional chicken patty.
            Clean, fast, light, tasty, cheap - we like it

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              I liked the noodles and broth at U:Don a lot, but the tempura was all warm or worse under heat lamps. Next time I'll wait and pounce on whatever comes out fresh.