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Sep 9, 2008 01:49 PM

Have you tried Tosca in Durham?

Tosca is probably our favorite Italian restaurant in Durham so when I saw a gift certificate for it at, we climbed all over it. Used it for lunch and were delighted with the entire experience.

First came the bread which is chewy and crusty - a vast improvement over the bread we had there before with good olive oil, herbs and cheese. Next antipasto for two and more of that delicious bread. Thin sliced roasted red peppers were fabulous, calamatas, marinated artichokes, first rate sopresata and proscuitto, mortadella, large fresh spears of asiago cheese and (this was a little weird) humus in the middle. Off to a great start. Then a little house salad, followed by main courses of ravioli special (2 large spinach, 2 porcini mushroom) topped with a wonderful sauce made mostly of portobello mushrooms, butter and cream. Across the table, husband had spaghetti and meatballs and he finished every bite. Since it was his birthday, we finished with desert. tartufo which the waiter said came from Italy. What a finale. Zablglione and something else very Italian tasting gelato ball covered with chocolate shell and sprinkled with strawberries.

Whether we eat outside or inside with the sparkling Christmas lights, atmosphere is great and service is always professional. We don't do a long, hedonistic lunch like this very often but when we do, it's perfect when everything is as good as it was at Tosca

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  1. Under-rated restaurant. I've always enjoyed the fish dishes there.

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      I have tried it a couple of times, and it was either very bad or underwhelming.

      I would love to hear some more specific recommendations on dishes though, as it has been awhile and I would be willing to give it another shot.

    2. Where in Durham is this place? I've never heard a thing about it.

      1. We live west of Winston-Salem, where there are no nice Italian restauras, and any time we are in Durham at lunch time, we go to Tosca. We consider it one of the best restaurants for lunch in the area. Excelent pasta, salads, and breads.

        1. I will echo nekst's post here. I have been there several times, always either bad or very bad. I so badly want a good Italian option in Durham (though I do like Pops for what it is) that I probably gave it more chances than I should have, but it consistently disappointed.

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            If you're looking for a good Italian in Durham, you should try Piedmont.

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              We had the same problem, and after looking for a while, have settled on Bocci as our current favorite. It is very reasonable and has a pretty good wine by the glass selection, which isn’t something I’ve seen much around here. The only thing I have had that wasn’t good was their appetizer pizza, which was bad, unlike their other pizzas, which are quite good.