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Sep 9, 2008 01:41 PM

NYT DF Recommendations - Feedback?

From the "36 Hours in Mexico City" article from last year... Any Hounds have recent/reliable feedback on these spots?

Taquerias in Condesa:
El Tozoncito
El Califa
El Farolito

Other spots:
La Bipolar
La Texcocana

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  1. I love El Califa and El Farolito is probably my favorite taqueria.
    The other mentioned places are more Cantinas than restaurants, and La Bipolar is more like the hipster version of a real Cantina.
    I have some recommendations that you might want to try here:

    Good luck and enjoy.

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    1. re: topawers

      Malverde is a tacky bar, the kind that in New York we would have called "bridge & tunnel", and it moved to a new spot, further away from where I live, thank God! I'm not sure some of the others you refer to as they are spelled wrong, but el Tizoncito is very good.
      Take those "36 hours" articles with a grain of salt, they are often written by people who don't really know the cities.

    2. I ate at both El Tizoncito and El Califa in early August (actually, two times at each place). To save time, this was my reaction to them that I posted in another thread soon after I returned:

      "Elsewhere on this board, people have hailed Tizoncito I tried it out. The first day was fine - I had an alambre de pollo, which was tasty, but not great. What changed my 'fine' rating of Tizoncito to a 'subpar' rating was my subsequent trip to El Califa, in Condesa just a few blocks from Tizoncito (I just looked up the address online: Altata 22, Col. Condesa). I avoided El Califa on my first pass b/c it had a very hip vibe to it and I was alone. I returned with friends a couple of days later, and ate some truly superb tacos de pollo al pastor. The chicken was perfectly flavored, and accompanied by onion, cilantro and pineapple. Four excellent salsas on the table to try with them (I loved their chipotle, but also enjoyed a searingly hot salsa de rajas that literally prevented me from speaking for a few minutes after - great stuff). Friends who had the tacos de bistec were even more pleased - I'm not a beef eater, but they looked, and according to my friends, were delicious. And, in the end, the place was cheaper than Tizoncito for much better food. This was confirmed when few days later I ended up at Tizoncito again, only to be horribly disappointed by their effort at tacos de pollo al pastor - drab, flavorless, muddled. No onion, no cilantro, no pineapple. When I returned to El Califa for one more lunch, I also ordered the nopales con queso - wonderful. If you are looking for good tacos in Condesa, I recommend El Califa."

      1. I went to La Texcocana a year ago, but I don't know that I would go out of my way to eat there. I read that you like Los Picudos in SF (my favorite too), but these tortas are different in that they are served on a small roll (you can eat 2 and have a filling lunch) and they don't have as many condiments as Los Picudos. Nevertheless, it's worth a try if you are in the neighborhood. You might want to try the bacalao torta since it seems to be their specialty and I have never seen one anywhere outside of DF. The one in the city center is bascially a hole in the wall with a bar and stools.

        1. La Bipolar is aiming to be trendy casual, but it actually has really solid food. I recommend the jicama salad, the tamarind duck burro, the fish and shrimp al pastor, and the seafood tostadas. It's not worth traveling to Coyoacan for, but it's a great lunch option if you are there. One of the few decent restaurants down there.

          They sell the waiter's t-shirts too - you'll see if you go.