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Sep 9, 2008 12:31 PM

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Dedham, MA

I know it's a chain and this might be moved but just wondering if anyone has tried this yet, it just opened about 2 weeks ago. I walked in and picked up a menu. They were cooking on a grill and pressing down the didn't look too appetizing. The Cheeseburgers are about $5.09 and a small fry was about $ about $8 with tax...not exactly a bargain so it had better be good. I don't know if it's so but I read on someone's blog site that there burgers are 3.3 oz, pretty small for $5.09 if that's true.

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  1. I haven't been to the one in Dedham yet - but I can only imagine it'll be as awesome as the ones down in the DC area.
    The "small fry" is also probably enough fries for 2 or 3 while $2.59 doesn't sound like a deal, they can easily be shared amongst a few people.
    Also, a listed "cheeseburger" is actually a double. You have to order the "little cheeseburger" if you want a single patty.
    The burgers are VERY good and fresh, as well as all the toppings you can get. All the toppings are also free.

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    1. re: rknrll

      Wow, that sounds great - where in Dedham is it?

      1. re: chowciao

        It's next to the Super Stop and Shop on Rt 1, near Chipotle Grill. I didn't realize that the cheeseburgers were double patties, therefore making it 6.6 oz, a better deal at $5.09.

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        RK is right on all counts! I love 5 Guys from visiting MD/DC. Hit the Dedham location last week at lunchtime and it did not disappoint. Their burgers would remind you of In-and-Out. And I think their fries are great - altho, this visit I realized they are fried in peanut oil - my coworker couldn't try them. The place was hopping at 1:00 on a Weds. I am so glad they are in the area........

      3. Went last week & thought the food was terrific! Burgers were big, fresh & delicious, fried were great. Liked the simple menu & no extra charge for toppings. Quick, very hot & looking forward to going back.

        1. Went last night and thought it was good. Burgers are cooked well done but still moist and juicy. The small fry is huge, I like my fries and could not get half way through. At 8pm is was busy and about a 15min wait for my burger, I will go back.

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            They are going to be opening one at Patriot place really soon. I've never been but heard great things about it. Hopefully its better than Red Robin...soo disappointing!!

            1. I popped in here for a burger to see what all the fuss is about, since Five Guys devotees are like the Mid-Atlantic equivalent of In-n-Out followers in LA. I was really hoping for a Shake Shack-like experience, as it's the closest I've ever tasted to the platonic ideal of a fast food burger.

              Got a cheeseburger with onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard. The burger was very good and plenty fatty and moist with a good coarse grind. The bun was nicely griddled and the whole package held together nicely, but it did fall a LITTLE bit short for me. The biggest gripe I has is that the beef isn't very beefy. The flavor is really quite mild. I fond it was drowned out by the condiments. The end result, then, reminded me of what I remember McDonald's burgers tasting like. I mean I'm sure it was much, much better than that, but that was the effect. Also, the cheese wasn't fully melted--bummer.

              Besides those quibbles, though, it was very satisfying and I will probably stop by again. The fries were very fresh and tasty, though crispiness varied from fry to fry.

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              1. re: celeriac

                Are the fries cut fresh on the spot like at Inn-N-Out? I love the fries at In-N-Out!

                1. re: joebloe

                  I also stopped in for the first time last night around 7:15; very busy; fries are freshly cut as at In-N-Out; got a cheeseburger with mayo, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and grilled mushrooms and a small fry; portions are large, especially the fries; fries very fresh, strong potato flavor but as celeriac stated, crispness was a bit variable; burger I would describe as a good "fast food" burger nothing earth shattering; Verdict: good value and decent but I won't be rushing back; my preference for a burger would be an 8 oz, hand-packed, flame broiled burger at a pub style restaurant, where the meat dominates not the condiments.

              2. Stopped by for lunch today and ordered the small cheeseburger with regular fries. It was as close to In-n-Out nirvana as possible on the East Coast. Fries were big enough for two. Cheese could have been a little more melted on the burger, but otherwise quite good.

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                1. re: Kat

                  Stopped by at 9:30pm tonight and the place was quite busy in an otherwise huge empty parking lot. The burgers were way better than In-N-Out in that the patties were thicker, juicier, tastier and you get to pick various interesting toppings/sauces. The fries were uniformly soggy so I asked the manager for replacement; and the new fries came out somewhat crispy and very average. The fries at UBurger is more like In-N-OUt. I will definitely return tomorrow for another burger.

                  1. re: joebloe

                    I will have to try Five Guys. I had it once in D.C. and was impressed by the burger's flavor but the experience was diminished by a bun that could not hold the extra cheese, mushrooms and grilled onions (it was the messiest darned thing I ever ate.) I agree with JoeB that Uburger's fries were way better than Five Guys. It will be fun to go to UBurger and 5 Guys on back-to-back days for a true comparison!