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Sep 9, 2008 12:20 PM

BurgerWorks (Beverly) Is Open

BurgerWorks is now open, according to the Salem News. This is a new burger joint that is owned by the people who used to run the now-closed Yanks in Beverly Farms.

It's in the North Beverly Plaza on Route 1A, just north of Route 128.

If anyone gets there over the coming days, definitely post your thoughts on it here!

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  1. I stopped by there for a late lunch today, since I was in the area.

    You order in the front of the long, narrow storefront, and pick up in the back, from the kitchen. After ordering, they give you a pager to take to your table.

    Overall, it's a very stark space, with simple wooden tables and chairs, and virtually nothing on the walls, save a giant widescreen TV.

    Their menu features (not surprisingly) burgers, with a chicken, and IIRC, a veggie burger besides the plethora of beef choices. One of the beef choices was a "Connoisseur" burger for $20 that is made with truffle butter.

    I got a "'shroom burger", which is a burger with mushrooms and swiss cheese, and an order of fries.

    It occurred to me after I ordered that they didn't ask me how I wanted the burger cooked, and I took that as a bad sign. After a twenty minute wait, my burger was *finally* ready. (It's not as though they were busy - there were only seven people in the place, and four of them had already finished). Sure enough, the burger was cooked medium well to well.

    It was still rather greasy (they apparently cook them on a griddle). There were a small number of greasy sauteed mushrooms on the burger, piled on top of bland Swiss cheese. The bun was the best part - a kaiser style roll. The flavor of the beef itself was nothing special. Overall, I'd call the burger mediocre. At $8+ just for the burger, I felt like I'd been taken.

    The french fried potatoes were adequate - not clear if they were frozen or fresh.. They were fried to order, so at least they were hot.

    Overall, it was a disappointment. I expected the owners of "Yanks" to at least equal Fudruckers - and they haven't.

    I won't be back, and I wouldn't be surprised if they're out of business by Spring.

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      I am not surprised by that review...Actually I can only review the fries but the experience was negative enough to warrant no desire to go back and try anything else...I had looked forward to the opening and happened by very shortly after it opened (they still have no sign up so it's hard to tell it's open).. I had already eaten but wanted to try something so I decided to just get some fries. I couldnt believe that this supposed gourmet place served standard coated fries.. Starchy, bland, surely frozen, crappy artificial coating. I can think of at least a dozen great fries in the area and these were not. They were kind of poor imitation of McDonalds... Also I asked had asked what kind of fries they had before ordering (eg. steakfries, crinkle, hand cut etc) and the kids up front had no clue about them, or about anything else i asked. One of the owners did explain what they put in their homemade veggie burgers. One of the ingredients was jalapenos and I mentioned that I cant eat spicy at all and they insisted that it wasnt spicy.. I never had anything with jalapenos that didnt have some spicyness, so I dont trust that answer... I thought the menu looked very expensive. I think a burger with fries and a shake was like 20 bucks and i thought it was rude that they charge 25 cents for dips for the fries. ( i think things like honey mustard). If you are a high class gourmet place i think its crass to nit pick and charge for condiments. Oh yeah, they didnt even have salt for the fries. They sprinkled some on for me from the kitchen. And it is very stark and unappealing. no music even. and if you sit on the bench to wait, beware of the big framed sign which is behind the bench to hit your head on and hopefully will not fall on someones head when they sit there... I was so craving a good veggie burger and fries...oh well..If I want a great casual meal in the area, I will stick to The Depot. Yum! But i do have to say that the owners, and the kids were very nice and i feel guilty for writing a negative review.. i tend to not usually write negative much..and actually when i was there there was only one other couple and i actually did hear her say it was the best burger she had ever had.. so who knows,,,

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