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Sep 9, 2008 12:15 PM

Lunch at Wild Ginger

Going to a work lunch and looking for some suggestions for what to order. I'm in the camp of the place is completely overrated and overpriced, so I haven't been in nearly two years. But I'm not paying so I won't bitch.

For those who eat here often, what is good? I eat beef, chicken, and fish/seafood, but not pork. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Wild Ginger, imo, has gone WAY downhill since their move to the current location those many years ago. When I do have lunch there now, I usually stick to satays (I like the street hawker beef, especially) and the fragrant (aromatic?) duck.

    1. I love their seven elements soup, but it's been awhile so I can't recall if it contains any pork.

      1. I like the Wun Tun Mein -- crab dumplings in chicken broth. I also like the lamb bumbu -- although it might be a little plain for some tastes. I eat there for work lunches occasionally and I think the food has actually improved somewhat lately compared to when they first moved to the current space.

        1. The Duck Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

          Wine List is fab, ask for Ole, and he"ll set you right !

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            I haven't been in years, but I, too, can second the advice to ask for Ole. He was formerly the guy in charge of wine at the Ballard Market. He is very knowledgeable about wine and an extremely nice guy to boot. He also doubles as the sommelier at the Triple door.

          2. I've only been there once for lunch a number of years ago, but hit it for dinner occasionally. I agree the duck is great, we always get lamb bumbu, seven flavor beef, a ton of satays and the Szechwan green beans.

            We used to go when they first opened in the original location and could get in with no reservations, two people, dinner/drinks for under $100! Miss those days. I also agree when they moved it went downhill, but I think they got it back under control the past number of years and we have never had a bad meal there, or service. Oh, that reminds me, martini lunch? ginger martini!