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Sep 9, 2008 12:14 PM

West Village Brunch - Help?!

I am looking for a brunch spot in the west village that has a trendy vibe/fun atmosphere that is not outrageously expensive...any ideas? Perilla? good? Perry Street?

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  1. Perilla is good but has a small menu and is more laidback. Friends went to Perry Street a little while back and weren't impressed, so I've stayed away -- and I'm not sure if it counts as trendy/fun.

    What about 'ino, Jane, Morandi, or Blue Ribbon? I think Little Owl is a good choice too, but it's not really trendy/fun. More like comfy and casual.

    Have also heard good things about Good, Home and Deborah, but have never been. If you can go more towards the Meatpacking District, Pastis has a nice, more trendy atmosphere and outdoor seating.

    1. Perry St is very good--was just there this past Sunday. I 2d Kathryn's suggestions of 'ino, Jane, Morandi, Blue Ribbon Bakery, and Little Owl.
      I have been to good and Deborah--I also recommend them. I wouldn't recommend Home. Granted, I haven't been since the recent ownership change.
      I'd also add Spotted Pig, Extra Virgin, and Cornelia St. Cafe.

      1. I agree with kathryn's suggestions - most of them are not exactly trendy but they have good food. Perry St. is probably the only one fits with the "trendy" description, the food is good and pretty on par on the other restaurants suggested so far. I won't say it is memorable though.

        If you consider gastropub trendy and fun, then Spotted Pig is a good choice.