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Sep 9, 2008 11:36 AM

Dinner in the NE Phila area for midweek

Our daughter goes to college in Glenside, Pa and we're meeting friends whose daughter goes to college in Phila. Can anyone recommend a nice place to take the girls for dinner? There will be 10 of us and this will be on a Tuesday night. We don't want a fancy restaurant, just something nice.


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    1. Rylei, hands down the best for a mid week dinner, I cannot recommend it more highly. They do a $35 3 course fixed price menu during the week. We recently went for my birthday dinner and it was delicous. Their dark chocolate pasta was amazing.

      Also in the Northeast is Sweet Lucy's which has some tasty casual BBQ.

      By the way, your post mentions the Northeast Philly, but I beleive you are likely referring to Arcadia University in Glenside. The Northeast, while not far, is not super convenient to Glenside. Right in Glenside, just a few minutes from Arcadia, is Athena which is a nice casual Greek restaurant with rasty food. You could also expand your search to Jenkintown, Ambler, Flourtown, and other nearby areas.

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        I live about 5 minutes from Arcadia..

        Chestnut Hill has some good restaurants...Its really close

        Upscale Asian food try Cin Cin on Germantown Ave.

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          You are correct, I am referring to Arcaida. However, we are meeting others whose daughter goes to Drexel so we're looking for a place that's in between the schools. I'll check out you recommendation, but if you know of anyplace else between the schools, can you please post it? Thanks.