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Sep 9, 2008 11:36 AM

Looking for Snow's Clam Chowder--condensed only

My husband has a thing for Snow's, which Giant carried for years and no longer does, at least the one I shop at in Wheaton. I've not been able to find it at Shopper's either. We got all excited this weekend when Rite-Aid had it in a circular but it was the ready-to-serve kind. Has anyone seen it locally?


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  1. Here -- buy it by the case and save yourself the hunt in the future:

    By the way, I'm from Boston and Snow's condensed is the canned chowder of choice... never ready to serve.

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    1. re: Trixie Too

      Yeah, I did see that when I went looking for the company website online. Not sure we love it that much. He is also indirectly from Boston (parents natives), left as a kid, so I guess it's a New England thing.

    2. I've seen it in Harris Teeter.

      1. I know it would be quite a haul up here from Wheaton, but if you find yourself in Ellicott City they have it at the Mars Supermarket on US 40 West.

        1. I know I'm raising the dead with this one, but there has been a major change to Snow's Clam Chowder, and thought it should be broadcast.

          Normally, I eat healthy foods. We are a mostly-vegetarian household, but once in a while, PMS demands that I have some clam chowder. Snow’s Clam Chowder to be exact. It is one of my few comfort foods, and I spiff it up a little so it really is like a good, hearty, restaurant clam chowder. It is delicious and creamy and has clams and makes me happy.

          I picked up a can at Market Basket the other day. I noticed that Snow’s is now “Snow’s by BumbleBee.” Ruh-roh, Shaggy.

          It smelled wrong when I opened the can. Not bad or spoiled, just not right. The texture was all wrong. The color was different. Since I am apparently a doofus, I made it anyway. This stuff truly sucks. It has NO flavor. It tastes pretty much like lumpy school paste. Only more bland. Not even salty crackers made a bit of difference.

          There was no warning on the label. Usually, when a company screws around with a tried-and-true recipe and ruins the product, the add a “NEW! Improved!” warning to the packaging to alert the public of their meddling. They didn’t even do that. They just ruined it without any warning, and now my chowder is disgusting.

          I've been eating Snow's Clam Chowder for 40 years, but Look’s will be getting my chowder business, now. It may well be a dollar more per can, but that’s well worth it since they know enough to leave a good thing alone.

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          1. re: ZeldaRowan

            You are absolutely right. I thought I was going crazy. The new Snow's is terrible. What happened? What did you mean you are raising the dead by talking about this issue? Is this because Bumble Bee bought Snow's? I am furious. I sent the following message to Snow's: "I am extremely upset at your company. I have been buying Snow's condensed clam chowder for 40+ years. You changed the recipe!!! The new stuff is awful, truly awful. Didn't you learn anything from the New Coke disaster? Even worse you did it quietly behind everyone's back without admitting it. Don't think people haven't noticed. My entire family both in California and Massachusetts hate the new stuff. And don't insult my intelligence by telling me no changes were made. I have a can of the old, good chowder. I compared them side by side. The new concoction smells different. It it thinner. The clams and potatoes are smaller. It's crap. Even my cat didn't want it. Did Bumble Bee do this to you? What a crime! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You ruined a time honored fantastic product. Well, I'll never buy another product from any company associated with you again. " They have not replied.

            1. re: Boston Bernie

              By "raising the dead" I just meant that I'm reviving a really old review. FWIW, I haven't gotten any reply either. Bunch of cowards over there at BumbleBee, no?

              1. re: ZeldaRowan

                I also sent a message to Snows and I got a response. they sent me 4 coupons for free cans of clam chowder. They didn't say anything else. I threw out the coupons. I'm not going to eat that crap. I want the old stuff. Last week, I was lucky enough to find two cans of the old stuff with a 2012 date on it. Those will be my last ever cans of it. I'm going to try to learn how to make it myslef.

              2. re: Boston Bernie

                I have a can of that snow's clam chowder here that I am about to throw away. It's the new and improved formula which I bought two but can't even finish the first one. Note in the ingredients, it says partially dehydrogenated soybean oil as non-dairy that the cancer causing/heart attack inducing trans fatty acid? I think they've messed around too much with the recipe.

                1. re: ZeldaRowan

                  Yea they really screwed the pooch on this one. I use to like the chowder,now being that I use to work for them and I noticed the changes,I told them so,thank God I don't work there anymore I'm not a disgrunted former employee but I'm glad I'm gone. I had a pride in what we pro duced but when I saw what they were doing to the best tasting chowder I had to go.You would think that corp. would open their eyes when sales drop off.Bumblebee more like Fumblebee!!!!

                  1. re: aseamerman

                    We all have to call them and let them know we are not happy, thats the only way they may go back to the original. Any cans with an experation date of 2013 are ok. Anything after that is the new stuff. When I called they claimed that it was a healther recipe. I also told them that I will not be buying it again.

                  2. re: ZeldaRowan

                    You are soooooo right I just bought 2 cans of Snows Clam Chowder (ready to serve) and it was discusting , when I opened the can it looked like dirty water no cream or thickness, it had about 5 pieces of potatoe in it and clams were just tiny pieces. It did smell wrong but as like you did I fixed it anyway and it was grose no creamy look or taste it was just plain discusting. I also tried crackers and even a small dab or butter and it was just to grose to eat. I do not even want the other can I threw it all out can't eat something that looks and smells like dirty water with no taste and no chunks in it BIG BIG difference from the picture on the can, they should stop making this.