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Sep 9, 2008 11:20 AM

Indian Takeout?

I need a recommendation for a good Indian takeout place tonight. I looked online and was thinking of Chakra because it's fairly close to us but I'm open to going somewhere farther if it's good.

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  1. lahore tikka on Gerrard in the India Bizarre is reliable -- the renovations that have been happening there for quite some time make it look not as good, but the food is tasty and the naan a beauty.

    1. I've been ordering from BBQ Hut on Gerrard East for years and find it very reliable. I'm hooked on their pakoras, and they're one of the few places I've found that does butter chicken sauce with paneer instead of chicken (paneer butter masala). When ordering the vindaloo, we always get boneless chicken, for which they seem to use their chicken tikka. Great variety of breads.

      Contact & other details on their website,

      1. I 'almost never' have Indian takeout as it's soggy by the time I get it home. However, King Palace (820 Church St between Bloor and Yonge) has a different approach. Instead of adding the 'main ingredient' to the pre-prepared sauce as it's ordered, they make up the dish earlier then chill the product. The chilled dishes are then displayed (imagine a buffet on ice rather than a steam table) and the dishes are microwaved to serve. This means that, if you are taking it home, you could 'nuke' it yourself. (Naan, rice etc are added from the back room and are hot). I find the food holds its texture much better this way. parking out front - if it isn't already full from taxi drivers already getting take-out. last time I was there, we were the only Caucasions among about 20 SE Asians.

        1. If you're close to Chakra, that means Tabla is not far from you up Yonge, north of the Sporting Life. They do deliver (bonus!). My standard order from there: eggplant bhartha, chana masala, fish xacutti, naan, rice pilaf. Delish.