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Sep 9, 2008 11:20 AM

Manch: Thurs or Fri evening, with infant

Hi, Lexpattie and all you other afficionadoes of the Manchester scene. My son, d-in-l, and grandson (6 mos) have just moved to Manchester, and I'll be visiting for the first of many times next week. Want to learn a little more about chow in the area (I have read some of your postings over time), so question #1 is: what's with Manchvegas? Etymology? Derivation? Next question: suggestions for a not-totally-high end but still above average eatery for next Thursday or Friday evening, that will be comfortable for the 4 of us. Above average pub is fine; also fond of most ethnics: they particularly like Indian (have just moved from New Haven), and I'm a Portlander, accustomed to our very vibrant offerings. Help me learn, Manchvegasites! Thanks in advance.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Strange that my response didn't take:
        Not sure on the Manch Vegas but we have t-shirts and went to a concert recently and a band member was introduced as Manch Vegas Native, after that everyone kept commenting on hubby's tshirt since he wore it.

        Welcome to Manch, it's really growing in the culinary area - I'm still learnign as well from many other Chowhounders.

        We discovered napal cuisine on Hanover St. - Cafe Momo - love it but might not be good with the baby.

        Cotton is excellent and would definately work with the little one if you go early - good crowd after work.

        Great bbq (and byob) at City Flames Smokehouse on Chestnut St. Awesome people. There is also a great indian on Valley Street (Maple St Plaza) but for some reason, can't mention by name.

        I still haven't done several that many talk about: CR Sparks on Bedford/Manch line, Richards gets good reviews, as a few more, others will chime in.

        On Elm, I love Z but might not be good with the little one, unless you go early. Very creative menu.

        Good comfort food at Belmont Hall - on Belmont St. and I just discovered awesome stuffed grape leaves and taboulie at Brother's Restaurant and Bar.

        Have fun, lots to explore. Creamland is a must for ice cream (and scallops, clams, even a burger) - it's a Manchester icon on Valley St.

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          900 Degrees has great neopolitan style pizza in a really cool old mill building....

          p.s. Cotton has a great outside seating area on nice days.....

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            That's on my list - 900 Degrees. Nver enough time.

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          1. Here's a link to a Manchester discussion:

            "Manchvegas" is an iron hipster reference to a city that at first glance appears totally devoid of glamour, but which on closer inspection, is actually kinda cool. Manchester has a great ethnic mix, some excellent cultural institutions, and a wild and wooly political scene. Plus some outstanding restaurants and ethnic markets.