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Sep 9, 2008 11:09 AM

Kaua'i: T&T Steakburger

T&T Steakburger, a new "restaurant", is located on the beach in north Kapa'a. It serves burgers, fries and drinks from a small caravan trailer. Covered picnic tables are provided for diners. The only thing between the tables and the ocean is the bike path.

The burgers are excellent—no, outstanding. They are made from beef (bought from Costco) ground fresh daily and the buns are baked locally and hand-sliced. You can get anything you want on them and the ingredients are the freshest available. A really nice attribute is that you can choose the size of your meat patty. I found 1/4 lb to be just fine, as the meat didn't shrink much on cooking.

The fries are not so good IMO. They are freshly cut potatoes, but they are quite limp and, on the day I tried them anyway, the grease tasted old.

A real downside to T&T is that the owner doesn't have his act together about opening times, or even whether to open on a given day at all. I called him to find out his days of operation and then went to dine. It took me 4 tries before I found him open. Then, when I tried to return for a second experience, I again could not find a time when he was open. He is supposed to open at 11 am, which is when I can go, but often doesn't make it until 12 and sometimes not at all.

T&T will be a real gem if the owner can keep the quality level of the burgers as high as they are now, and if he can open his business according to advertised hours.

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  1. No way brah, his fries are awesome! They soak 'em and they are real crisp and good amount of salt. I love that place, but I heard the owner has another full time job and this is on the side. If I had the strength, I'd start a competing truck.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. We apologize for the opening fiasco. It has been very difficult getting open at 11 due to the distance between our prep restaurant and trailer location. From Saturday Jan 17th we will be relocated in the KOJIMA STORE PARKING lot a few feet south of our present loocation. The move is intended to bring about smoother operating hours as we will now be prepping in the old 'Windward Market'...right onsite. This SHOULD solve our problem and we should be opening at 11 am everyday!
      As for Decembers days closed, the overwhelming flooding on the present location kept us from being able to open at all. Whenever it rains a little, the beach site became flooded with 8-12 inches of water. Cant do business there.
      We appreciate all comments as well as tips and advice...Daddy always taught me..."The Customer is Always Right"!!

      1. There have been numerous comments in different places, including Chowhound about the irregular hours, and the high quality of food. The owner replied here, citing start-up problems, and the need to relocate in the same area (visible from the original location) but I am sure the moderators will delete his posting in accordance with chowhound guidelines. Seems like he is aware of the problems and is working to get them addressed.

        1. The original comment has been removed