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Sep 9, 2008 11:03 AM

The Latest in Rome

My Beloved and I will be heading to Rome for our honeymoon in about 10 days; I have read literally every thread regarding dining in Rome posted here on CH, and I have searched the web for all other possible pieces of information. During our week, we only plan on reserving meals at Convivio Troiani, Agata e Romeo, and Checchino dal 1887. We suspect that our sightseeing plans will be in flux, and we will make other food plans on the fly or at least closer to need. I am curious as to what foods will be coming into season, and what other specialties or early Fall that we should seek out. Thanks to all who reply, and from all others from whom I have been able to gleen information.

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  1. I try to keep a sort of diary of seasonal foods at the Testaccio market on my blog, but am not too religious about it. In any case this is what I wrote last September 24:

    Over the last ten days or two weeks, the gastronomic summer has entered its final days and the first of the fall/winter fruits and veg have arrived.
    There are still peaches, plums, and melons, but also grapes galore, including the sweet, pointed pizzutello. Fichi d’India (prickly pears) have been around for a few weeks, but kaki (photo) have only just arrived. There were a few figs to be had, but mostly not.
    The zucchine romanesche are ending (i.e., many are larger, lighter colored, and deeper fluted than usual), and those big bunches of their flowers have now succumbed to the cool nights (we bought them in wrapped packages, but only after ascertaining that they came from no farther than Torre in Pietra). Tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers are still around.
    The new stuff includes small, early cauliflower (delish) and broccolo romanesco. Also a surge of chicories and some insalata di campo. Broccoletti and spinach seem settled in for the season. I saw some ratty-looking heads of puntarelle and a few plastic bags of trimmed, but it’s quite early for that. Artichokes from Brittany are available for the impatient or undiscriminating. I’ll wait.

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      Thanks Maureen; I had read this when going through the archives of your web site. We are looking forward to an amazing time. I have at least a dozen restaurants, trattoria, enoteca, gelateria, bakeries, pizzeria, and food shops for each neighborhood--good thing there isn't much else to do in Rome except eat!

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        It looks like you have really done your homework. We will be travelling to Rome the end of April 09 and I had planned on doing just what you have done as far as research and planning for eating as we wonder around Rome. We will be staying on Piazza Mattei but ony for 4 nights in Rome. Would you be willing to share your knowledge when you return. We would be so grateful.
        Have a fabulous trip!

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          I'm going to Rome in mid-October....could you possibly share some of your finds or the resources you used? Have a great trip!

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            Yes ... you have great plans and we can't wait to hear about them. Ciao!

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