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Sep 9, 2008 10:59 AM

Best Spicy Tuna Hand Roll in NY?

My wife and I are new to the city, and we both love great sushi, particularly spicy tuna hand rolls. The place does not have to be one the of the NY hot spots. In fact, we typically find the best sushi to be in the more traditional, off-the-beaten path places. Any thoughts?

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  1. My personal favorite is Hasaki for spicy tuna, without a doubt. I've been many great places in the city, but their spicy tuna is bar-none my favorite. great cut roll, inside out as well.

    1. The best sushi and spicy tuna handroll in NYC is at Tomoe (spellings vary). Sushi on Thompson Street right above Houston and right next to Lupa Resturaunt. Get there early, cuz it's crowded, but you will never want to go anywhere else ever again.

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        With the caveat that I've only been once, my experience at Tomoe, in terms of the food, was such that I did not go back, and there are many sushi places that I'd go to in Manhattan instead. Don't have any tips on spicy tuna rolls though.

        1. re: MMRuth

          tomoe used to be absolutely solid. i havent been since their main chef left as the reports have been weak and better quality sushi seems to be plentiful for now. that said, back in the day, tomoe definitely brought it.

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            My recollection was that the quality of the fish wasn't great, and I was turned off by the huge slices of fish - not sure how long ago now that we went. It may be good value for the price, but I don't recall feeling that way about it.

      2. best one I have ever had was at Yama on Irving

        1. I love the spicy tune at Japonica on University.

          FYI- beware the spicy tuna roll at Whole Foods - absolutely no flavor whatsoever.
          In fact, After many similar disappouintments with a variety of sushi at Whole Foods- all equally tasteless- I avoid buying any of their sushi, despite the hordes who crowd the sushi case.

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            Second Japonica...can be very spicy (a good thing)...

          2. Oh boy. There have been a couple of places where they made their spicy tuna roll with no mayo (which I vastly preferred) but just can't remember where they were. I think (I could be wrong) that one of them was Blue Ribbon Sushi.