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Sep 9, 2008 09:52 AM

Drinks after Sidecar

Hi everyone, a group of 8 of us will be having dinner at Sidecar on a Saturday night. Any suggestions for after dinner drinks somewhere in the area?

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  1. You could try Nirvana at Bathurst & College - I've never been but it looks like it could easily accommodate your group size. I've always liked the Mini Market patio for drinks, if you can find a seat it's great for people watching. If you're willing to travel a little bit, Ossington has lots of fun drinks spots - Resposada, The Ossington etc.

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    1. re: laurelmcg

      Reposada! .. how is it?
      I have a Mexican friend that I think would love this place..
      I hear they serve a shot of freshly chopped tomato/salsa with your tequilla ?
      hows the food? I think that they only serve chips and a couple small appetizers..
      is it more bar or more resto?
      thanx for any help

    2. So I'm expanding the location to downtown. Examples of places we've been to in the past for drinks include Panorama, Canoe, etc. Anything similar to this that would be suitable for a group of 20-somethings?

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        Apparently Grace on College has opened a new lounge called "Grace Upstairs" (presumably the same space as the former Bird). I'm not positive it's open yet, but I thought I read they were getting it ready for TIFF, so perhaps.

        If you like Canoe you might like Avenue at the Four Seasons. Pravda might be OK or could be too zoo-ish. The Paddock has great cocktails, but might feel too dive-y for your crowd.

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          Try Caren's Wine Bar, if it's warm enough, their back patio is amazing

        2. The original comment has been removed