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The Volcano Taco

Stopped at TB yesterday and got one. As with all of their other ads, the one for this product is equally dumb (and also targeted towards a demographic 20 years younger than myself). However....although it is not the end-all-be-all of fiery spice that the ad claims it is (what else is new), it is MUCH better than the regular TB taco.

The cheese had a cheddar flavor to it, the lettuce was green and leafy, the shell was crisp and not chewy and greasy....what are the odds of that ever happening again?

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  1. I'm not sure I enjoy the red food dye, but it definitely gets your attention.

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      I finally tried this - it's not spicy at first, until you get to the cheese. Then it has a slight kick but nothing untolerable!

    2. Like most of their "new products", don't get too attached...b/c if it's not a smash success, they'll terminate it post haste.

      See my post in: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/516236. I tried the new Bacon Club Chalupa, it was great but then quickly "terminated" ala Ahhhnold Governator!

      They do it all the time, just like Trader Joes! Even though TJ's doesn't do it meet short-term marketing budgets like TB.

      1. Here's a good review from one of my new favorite blogs.


        1. I tried one last week. Of all things, it was relatively bland.

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            Haven't tried one but I do enjoy their frozen mango strawberry drinks.

          2. I tried it today. Eh. It is hotter than their usual fare but nowhere near as spicy as their ad would want you to think. Definitely not the stuff of macho challenges. I don't think I'd call it bland, more like uninteresting.

            1. the volcano taco is good, just add a couple of packets of fire sauce if you want it really spicy. i just figure that since taco bells are all over the country, they can't have it too spicy because in some areas the masses can't handle any heat. i live on the border where real mexican food is ubiquitous. but i still love my taco bell!

              1. Definitely needed some of their hot sauce to bring it up to proper heat levels. The red tortilla was way too crisp--at the first nibble, it exploded into a thousand pieces like a good crystal wine glass dropped on a cement floor...

                1. the chances of that happening again are slim to none I have had that taco 3x and each time it was different. I dont think its spicy, unless had the fire sauce on top and the taco does not stand on its one like on tv

                  1. I tried it today for the first time and really liked it, and would get it again. It had a nice level of heatness for me. Is it my imagination or is it a little larger than their standard hard-shell taco?

                    1. Does anyone remember the Taco Bell "get it wild" promotions of about 15 years ago? You could order anything "wild", and they would prepare it with a good dose of hot sauce already on it.

                      At that time, I worked in an urban St. Paul, MN neighborhood. The business at the local Taco Bell seemed twice the normal pace, during these promos. Half of my attempts to get items made with "wild" sauce failed, because they had run out. It seemed to me that they could have made it a permanent deal, and charged an extra $0.10 to boot. But, the promotions were short-lived. Maybe the suburban locations weren't so keen on the extra spice, or maybe it was all too complicated to execute.

                      I'm sure my taste buds have changed, but, the volcano taco seemed mild, in comparison.