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Sep 9, 2008 09:24 AM

NY munchy gifts to take home to family?

My sister has agreed to

1, Drive us to the airport
2. baby-sit the dog

for my trip to NY. She has demanded souvenirs in return. being me, I figured I'd bring some yummy food things. Like she needs more t-shirts.

What are some really great only in New York things that would make the flight back to LA in check on baggage (thanks, FTA, for being so paranoid My Manhattan Special coffee drink is not a weapon of mass destruction!) that would make her happy?

In a pinch, I guess I could ship it, too, as I may have to ship all the East Coast only beer my husband will likely buy.

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  1. Bagels (friends have done this before and brought a dozen bagels back on the plane as a carry one). Black and white cookies. Maybe some chocolates from Kee's?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Any suggestion for a brand of bagels? We have bagel places out here, of course, but none are the "real thing". maybe Bialys?

      Is Jaques Torres good for chocolates?

      What about typical NY condiments?

      OTher thoughts?

      1. re: Diana

        Bialys do not travel well. They're best eaten fresh out of the oven or as close to that as possible.

        1. re: Diana

          Cream cheese, smoked salmon, whitefish salad and other traditional condiments for bagels might invoke the ire of the TSA in your carry on luggage. And I'd be hesitant to leave them out at room temperature for several hours.

          Jacques Torres is good for chocolates, but they ship, so you might as well have them shipped directly from their store. They pack it with dry ice.

          1. re: kathryn

            "Cream cheese, smoked salmon, whitefish salad and other traditional condiments for bagels might invoke the ire of the TSA in your carry on luggage."

            I travel a lot and eat alot....what I do is use a cheap collapsible cooler (like you would bring a six pack of beer to the beach)...load it with my stuff and put ice in a zip lock back in the cooler to keep everything nice. When I get to the airport I dump the ice before security but save the bag...after security I go to a Mcdonalds or where ever and help myself to some of their self service ice. TSA almost never minds anything unless it is liquid, but you never know as TSA are typically as intelligent as a box of hammers....I would go to Dipalo's and load up on whatever looks good or grab Katz's and Russ & Daughters and load up there...

            1. re: Cpalms

              There was a funny piece in the NYT today about a vegan traveler who had a grammatical discussion w/ the TSA about whether or not his peanut butter was a "cream" (and therefore forbidden) or not. I wouldn't risk it myself.

          2. re: Diana

            Brooklyn Brewery beer in the bottle
            Bridge Winery bottle of 'Brooklyn Red'
            Loaf of bread or packed scones from Balthazar

            1. re: malibu

              Bread and scones we have amazingly good options in LA. The beer is a definite. Hard to think about bringing east coast wines back to california-they are usually distributed here, but have trouble competing with our own home grown stuff

              1. re: Diana

                how about a few slices of pizza? let it cool to room tem...wrap it in foil...reheat when you get back!

            2. re: Diana

              <What about typical NY condiments?>

              Egg Creams don't carry well, but you should definitely experience at least one while you are here! {;>D

            3. re: kathryn

              I second the Kee's recommendations - really wonderful chocolates.

            4. You could ship her a gift basket from Russ and Daughters.


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              1. re: RGR

                I've done this before -- what you get is amazing but pricey. It arrived the very next morning, packed with special dry ice coolant packs. But you need to make sure someone is home to accept the package.

              2. Levain cookies, Fatwitch Brownies, Balthazar crossiant etc., Blackhound anything, Buttercup Cupcakes, Zarros Black and White Cookies, Payard Pastries, Bouchon Bakery Pastries, David Burke Pretzel Stick Bread, something from Zabars.

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                1. While Dried Beef is not exclusive to New York, the Dried Beef from Pings/Jung's on Mulberry Street in Chinatown is and a favorite of many for over four decades.....



                  1. Agree wholeheartedly about Zarro's Black & White cookies. But, do NOT get the ones pre-packaged in cellophane. My family gets irrate if I show up back home without them. Their linzer tarts are also wonderful if they have any left. They will put cookies in a box if you ask for it (which helps with the travelling).

                    Bagels are also a must. Personally, I prefer H&H, but that is a whole other thread! :-) If you buy them the day you leave, they will make it home just fine. They also ship (and freeze) well. Just wrap each bagel in aluminum foil before sending. USPS makes flat rate boxes of various sizes and one of them exactly holds a dozen bagels. I have shipped bagels to Iraq this way - trust me - it works. And much cheaper than having an order shipped via H&H or Zabar's directly.