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Sep 9, 2008 09:23 AM

Callebaut Chocolate- Long Island [moved from Kosher]

Does anyone know where I purchase Callebaut (pareve) on Long Island? Thanks.

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  1. Fairway in Plainview. Call 937-5402 to double check inventory status.

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    1. re: kelvin8r

      If you don't mind buying in quantity, Callebaut is sold for a very reasonable price online at, but in 10 or 11lb blocks.

    2. I know Stop n Shop was selling it for a while...

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      1. re: spork5150

        Stop & Shop had it in the produce department. Ten pound blocks were broken into more manageable smaller chunks which were individually wrapped.

        Ivaronne's markets also carries the broken block variety. Fairway has both sealed 10lb.(?) block and smaller chunks.

      2. I just bought some at Whole Foods.