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Sep 9, 2008 09:14 AM

Beer List in Westchester

I have friends coming in from out of town who are really into the high-end beer thing. What restaurants in Westchester/ Rockland have the best "beer lists?" Above average food menu would be a plus, too! I am open as far as price and location.

Thanks, in advance for your help.

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  1. nobody has a better beer selection than Lazy Boy Saloon in White Plains........however it's pub grub...albeit good pub grub.....but if you're looking for more upscale food you might want to go elsewhere.....

    1. It's upper Westchester, but Restaurant 121 in North Salem has a good selection, and good food as well. Their Beer List is posted on their website -

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        I would be careful re 121, last time I was there, the bottled beers were in short supply (Waiter came back at least 3 times for a new pick). They still had solid beers on tap, though. I would call.

      2. Tap House in Tuckahoe has a nice beer list-I don't know what you mean by high end though some were more expensive than others. We enjoyed the food also.

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        1. re: rolise

          yes, long list of beers as well as better food than Lazy Horse as well as bigger bar.
          the food is better during the week than on weekends. We were there this past Friday night; very crowded and the food showed that the kitichen was strenched to its limit. A earlier visit during the week a few weeks ago, the food was far better.(not uncommon in many restaurants).

        2. also there's City Limits Diner in White i didn't studder.......they actually have a great beer list.....lots of micro brews and some good belgium beers too

          1. No food here but definitely worth the experience.
            Check out Captain Lawrence Brewing Co in Pleasantville.
            They have complimentary tastings on Friday (4-7) and Saturday (12-6).
            Great beer and great people. Go for the tasting then head somewhere else for dinner.