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Sep 9, 2008 09:10 AM

Thanksgiving In N.O.

My wife, Son ( he's seven) and I are thinking about coming down for a few days in November which would include Thanksgiving.
Can you tell me what restaurants might be serving Thanksgiving dinner?
Thanks for your help

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  1. most hotels will have Thanksgiving menus, and not all NOLA hotel restaurants are to be feared. what part of town are you staying? will you have transportation or needing to cab it?
    just about all of the Brennan restaurants would be a safe bet for something festive and tasty. the ads for times and menus are not out yet, so you may have to call around until then. check with Gambit for listings or

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      Nothing booked yet but I think we'll be staying in the Marigny, relying on cabs to get around

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        you might try Marigny Brasserie for Turkey Day. Their Sunday brunch w/ the Pfister Sisters is great fun, so maybe they will do something similar.

    2. We did Commander's last year for thanksgiving and everything was great.

      1. We did Ralph's on the Park last year and it was great.

        1. Just remember that's the weekend of the Bayou Classic.....some places in the Quarter close that weekend.

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            Thanks again for all of the info.

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              Local food critic Tom Fitzmorris usually posts an open list on

          2. Cafe Giovanni (117 Decatur, 504-529-2154) is open from noon to 3pm on Thanksgiving Day. Chef Duke is doing a buffet style lunch which I totally love. I just wrote a sort of review/recommendation under another thread. Here's the link

            Here's Cafe Giovanni's website with the Thanksgiving Day menu link on the right side


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              Thanks again for all your help. If we get down there for the holiday (I hope we do but things aren't looking good), I'll let you all know where we went and how everything was
              Thank you