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Sep 9, 2008 09:04 AM

Help! Anniversary ideas...

So I'll be driving up from San Diego with my girlfriend....She absolutely loves sushi, so I am looking for a restaurant that is above and beyond what we have down here in SD. Anywhere from Laguna to L.A. Looking to drop between 50-75 a person. Any suggestions for some REALLY good sushi? Possibly willing to drop 100 a head if its REALLY good. Please no trendy, over priced LA sushi restaurants....if its good, im willing to pay..but not just because its the "it" place to be....Thanks!

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  1. REALLY good sushi cost more than $100 a head!

    Would you be willing to go to the SFV? My favorites are all on Ventura Blvd.

    Course, there are great places in LA, Torrence and such

    1. I'm not a big sushi fan, but I read this board enough to know that in the sushi discussion, if you can't or don't want to shell out the $300 per person or more for the ultimate experience at Urasawa, the next favorite is Sushi Zo. A quick search will reveal dozens if not hundreds of comments, and despite a recent thread criticizing the value and the chef's attitude, the general opinion is excellent. Where are you staying? There is a large concentration of sushi restaurants in Studio City in the near SFV, and if you are staying downtown you may want to search for Little Tokyo. On the westside, there are a couple of places on Sawtelle, Mori Sushi is closeby on Pico and is the subject of a recent thread, and some posters have had good experiences at places on Wilshire, Santa Monica Blvd, or Westwood in the Brentwood/W.L.A./Westwood areas.

      1. True....I should have said...whats the best sushi I can get for $100 a head! No idea where I am staying..may just drive up for the night...the area isn't too bad....anything in Orange Country? Or is the best sushi typically in LA?

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          For old school sushi, you might try Shibucho in Costa Mesa, right off the 55. It's a real small place, but a true sushi-ya.

          For hands-down best variety in OC, you might try Maki Zushi in Tustin. While I thought it was good (not mind-blowingly so as many others do), I do think they've got a great selection...and others at the counter know what they're ordering. Here's a recent review: -- Flying Fish and Hairy Crabs?! A Return Visit to Maki Zushi! [Review] w/ Pics!

          For upscale sushi, and I've never been, you might consider Bluefin in Newport.

          I'm not sure if the BEST sushi is typically in LA...OC has many good ones too. The three I mentioned are quite different and each fill a niche, just like Sushi Ota (PB), Taka Sushi (Gaslamp) and Cafe Japengo (La Jolla) are all different, imho. That said, my next sushi trek down sound would be to Kaito in Encinitas. =D

        2. so..ive done some sounds for 100 a head, sushi zo is the best thing around....

          1. try nishi-ya in border of glendale/burbank. very small place with space for 8 on the counter. omakase just have to let him know when to stop. i think dinner will cost you $65 to $100. we ate pretty much everything...and cost us $120 per person including 2 bottles corkage and 3 large beer, including tax and tip.