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Sep 9, 2008 08:58 AM

Turkish restaurants & Turkish Delight

Hi, folks, I'm new to this board having stumbled upon it looking for a good place to have a pastrami sandwich at in NYC. I'm also European, but I'll be visiting a friend who currently resides in the city in late October, which also coincides with my birthday and as such we'll probably try out a Turkish restaurant like I've been hankering for... What are the best Turkish places to go to in New York, especially in the SoHo/Downtown area? Also, where in the city can I find some lokum (or Turkish Delight)? I've been very curious about trying that for a long time. What do you Chowhounds recommend?

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  1. Hi chosenone, I recommend Turkish Kitchen, but it is on 3rd Avenue between E.27th and E. 28th Streets. For lokum, I would suggest trying Kalyustan's. In Paterson, NJ, there are many Middle Eastern markets (Lebanese and Syrian, Fattal's and Nouri's) that may have lokum and can ship to you. You could also try Sahadi on Atlantic Avenue, you should have no problem finding lokum on Atlantic Avenue.

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      Thank you, rutgers. We'll try Turkish Kitchen.

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        Turkish Kitchen has an excellent sunday brunch - it's not that expensive and is all you can eat. A very good deal all around.

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        Kalustyan's is probably the easiest place to find ample Turkish Delight. Halal markets also usually carry it.