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Sep 9, 2008 08:37 AM

scarpetta or sfoglia?

deciding between the two for a special birthday dinner (currently have reservations at both for a tuesday evening) with my fiance. we have been lucky to eat at many fabulous restaurants- our favorites are often those with the warmest staff (annisa, po). that said, i want the food to be awesome, too. which do you recommend?

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  1. I've enjoyed the several meals I've had at Sfoglia, though, if I recall correctly, there is a host who can seem less than welcoming. I wouldn't put it in the Annisa category, and there have been mixed reports about the place. I've not been to Scarpetta - have you read some of the recent reports on CH of it?

    1. My wife and I ate at Scarpetta on Friday night. It's outstanding: food, service, bar...all top shelf.
      We took it easy and ordered a $42 bottle of wine and the check was under $190 plus tip, which I was happy leave generously.

      1. i like scarpetta. arrive early and spend some time at the handsome bar. try the homemade chips (addictive). the back dining room is high-ceilinged (it opens) and sleek.

        i had two apps (the creamy polenta and the sliced short rib) and the agnolotti dal plin. the polenta and the tiny plate of braised short rib were made for each other. the agnolotti was wonderful.

        no room for dessert but the espresso was outstanding. service/wine suggestions were quite good. the bar is a hoot. i'll be back.