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Birthday in Edmonton....

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I will be in Edmonton for business next week (first time!) and I will also get to celebrate my birthday there, unfortunately by myself.

So...I need suggestions on a good place to eat a great birthday dinner to cheer myself up a bit. Ideally a place where a woman alone reading a book while eating is not a strange sight.


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  1. What area of town? is transportation an issue? price range?

    I would personally recommend Culina, http://culina.manduco.biz/ casual enough that being there reading a book would not be that odd. Food is consistently great, you can have a nice glass of wine.

    My other choice would be Red Ox Inn, however it is more expensive. http://www.theredoxinn.com/

    Enjoy & happy birthday!

    1. Accent European Lounge. It's located on 104th street and 82nd avenue, just north of Chilis. Great food, friendly staff, wonderful atmosphere.
      Enjoy Edmonton.

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        I would have to respectfully disagree about Accent European lounge. I have only been there once, and did enjoy their humus, however the atmosphere felt an awful lot more like a pub than somewhere I would like to spend my bday.

        I love Bistro Praha, I wanted to make sure that you realize that this is a mom & pop style traditional Eastern European restaurant, complete with purple cabbage on the side. As I said, I love it, and it is definitely comfortable, but it is not birthday material in my books...however it might be just what you are looking for!

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          Funny, when I read, "...Ideally a place where a woman alone reading a book while eating is not a strange sight..." I immediately thought of the Bistro Praha and its "quirky" regular clientele.

          Agree that it would not necessarily be my first choice for a birthday dinner but given the circumstances might be...as you pointed out...be exactly what she is looking for. A decent plate of chicken, trout or schnitzel, a good book and no stares....

      2. If you are downtown, I would suggest Bistro Praha. I have sat there many an hour reading and writing and loving the fried cheese and salad. The veal is divine, too.
        Also downtown is the Union Bank Inn's Madison's which is great. They also have a dinner and spa package that is a wonderful indulgence.

          1. re: jim bachinski

            Jim, you gave me the best laugh I've had all day! And it's been a long day.

          2. I have to agree with both suggestions...(assuming the chucky cheese suggestion was merely a keyboard slip and is to be diregarded). South of the river, Culina works great, North Bistro Praha is perfect. I think Red Ox would work less well...but why? I guess the shape and size, uhm, not sure. I love the place, but somehow, indescribably I think it would feel wrong (geez, what an awful answer, but heartfelt).

            1. Wow, that Bistro Praha place sounds really depressing, full of "quirky" lonely people. I've only been there once and their staff are jerks, I felt very unwanted when I was there. The food was very poorly presented and was mostly deep fried. PS. their "veal" is just beef.

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              1. re: simons

                Sad to hear that...yes their staff is often less than cheery, but the food is usually devine. It is one of our standards and I have been going there for 20 years. The place is usually full when we go with a wide range of people, loners, business people, yuppies, not too many families mind you. The staff is efficient, if nothing else and for the two minutes of interaction, it is a fair price to pay for the food. I have been ther the odd "off" night foodwise, but their fillet and their tartar are the best in the city.

              2. I was actually just in Edmonton last week and had to dine alone one evening. When I sat down at the sushi bar at Kyoto (just north of Jasper on 109 Street beside a Ricky's Grill), there was another single girl at the end of the bar. Then, in mid-meal, another lovely young lady sat down next to me and enjoyed her sushi while reading. If I were a lesbian, or a man, it would have been ideal.

                So, if you're into sushi..

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                1. re: KayceeK

                  Ah, after a long day of work, your post brought quite the smile to my face. I as well dined alone at Kyoto the other day, did not see any other solo diners though. Something about sushi, it seems to be a great atmosphere for solo eats. To the topic though, maybe not something you do for solo birthday celebration.

                  1. re: raidar

                    I dunno; a bottomless bottle of sake could make for a celebratory evening. :o)

                2. I had dinner alone tonight at Bistro Praha. On Wednesdays for the next few months I will have two hours to kill at dinner time - alone - and so will be trying out establishments downtown. Based on this thread, I went to Bistro Praha and felt totally comfortable as a single. The service and food were quality, and I didn't even pick up my book (aka armour) since I was so relaxed. The only negative was the fake, edible-oil-product instead of whipped cream to accompany the wonderful, homemade apple streusal.
                  I'd welcome suggestions for next week within walking distance of that area.

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                  1. re: ihatepickyeaters

                    Around the corner you might want to try La Table de Renoir for their "take" on French/Provence fare. I have only been for lunch with mixed results.

                    Have not been to Madisons in the Bank Hotel for quite awhile.

                    Four Rooms is just down the street inside the entrance to Edmonton Centre.

                    L'Azia has re-opened a block or two west beside the Bay.

                    Sorrentino's is just a block away on 100th Street but it may not lend itself to dining alone and can be a "heavy hit" on the pocketbook.

                    1. re: Bob Mac

                      La Table de Renoir is a favourite of ours. We have had nothing but consistant fare and service (maybe just lucky, but we do go there a lot). Mind you, we have only ever been ther for dinner...maybe the differnece is found in the meal times.

                      Sorrentinos is one of my least favourite Italian food places. I am told that some of the meals (pasta!!) are pre cooked and apparently many are frozen (we asked a server). No value for the dollar even on a good day. I have railed against the Sherwood Park Sorrentino's in the past where food and service for our office meal last year (about 20 people) was truly awful The manager who my office manager spoke to the next day denied there had been any problems (!). Apparently the 3/4 of us who had lousy food had been dreaming. I can't speak authorititvely about the downtown Sorrentino's as I have only been there twice and nothing comes to mind (good or bad).

                      Love L'Azia. Very busy when I have been there. I love the diffirent fusion dishes. I have never had a bad meal there. I pariticaularily like it for business meals. A one person table, seems to me, would be lost in the crowd. As long as you don't mind the noise, the place would be fine for a single dinner - no one would even notice.

                      Had really great meals and really bad meals at Madisons. I intend to give them another try.

                    2. re: ihatepickyeaters

                      Go to It's All Greek to Me - I love their moussaka.
                      There's also Zenari's in Manulife place; it's usually pretty quiet in the evenings.

                      1. re: anonymoose

                        Never thought about Ted's place....his Greek food is quite good.