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Sep 9, 2008 08:19 AM

Birthday in Edmonton....

I will be in Edmonton for business next week (first time!) and I will also get to celebrate my birthday there, unfortunately by myself.

So...I need suggestions on a good place to eat a great birthday dinner to cheer myself up a bit. Ideally a place where a woman alone reading a book while eating is not a strange sight.


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  1. What area of town? is transportation an issue? price range?

    I would personally recommend Culina, casual enough that being there reading a book would not be that odd. Food is consistently great, you can have a nice glass of wine.

    My other choice would be Red Ox Inn, however it is more expensive.

    Enjoy & happy birthday!

    1. Accent European Lounge. It's located on 104th street and 82nd avenue, just north of Chilis. Great food, friendly staff, wonderful atmosphere.
      Enjoy Edmonton.

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      1. re: battymcdougall

        I would have to respectfully disagree about Accent European lounge. I have only been there once, and did enjoy their humus, however the atmosphere felt an awful lot more like a pub than somewhere I would like to spend my bday.

        I love Bistro Praha, I wanted to make sure that you realize that this is a mom & pop style traditional Eastern European restaurant, complete with purple cabbage on the side. As I said, I love it, and it is definitely comfortable, but it is not birthday material in my books...however it might be just what you are looking for!

        1. re: cleopatra999


          Funny, when I read, "...Ideally a place where a woman alone reading a book while eating is not a strange sight..." I immediately thought of the Bistro Praha and its "quirky" regular clientele.

          Agree that it would not necessarily be my first choice for a birthday dinner but given the circumstances might you pointed exactly what she is looking for. A decent plate of chicken, trout or schnitzel, a good book and no stares....

      2. If you are downtown, I would suggest Bistro Praha. I have sat there many an hour reading and writing and loving the fried cheese and salad. The veal is divine, too.
        Also downtown is the Union Bank Inn's Madison's which is great. They also have a dinner and spa package that is a wonderful indulgence.

          1. re: jim bachinski

            Jim, you gave me the best laugh I've had all day! And it's been a long day.

          2. I have to agree with both suggestions...(assuming the chucky cheese suggestion was merely a keyboard slip and is to be diregarded). South of the river, Culina works great, North Bistro Praha is perfect. I think Red Ox would work less well...but why? I guess the shape and size, uhm, not sure. I love the place, but somehow, indescribably I think it would feel wrong (geez, what an awful answer, but heartfelt).