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Weekend in Dallas - what to eat?

My wife and I will be in Dallas for a wedding in a couple weeks. Any thoughts on can't misses for a nice dinner one night and then breakfast & lunch the following day? From high-end to local hole in the walls any recs would be great.

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  1. what part of dallas will you be in and how much are you willing to spend. :)

    1. For dinner you have to go to Iron Cactus (1520 Main Street ). I don't really go out for breakfast, but a good place for lunch is Cuba Libre, it's a caribbean fusion restuarant at 2822 N. Henderson Ave.

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        I think you could probably do better than either of those places, at least from what I've heard. Maybe Stephen Pyles, Abacus, York St., or Fearing's for dinner.

      2. For fine dining with a flair that's exclusive to Texas (Dallas), I would advise Dean Fearing - the leader in local Southwestern cooking initially made his mark at the still highly regarded Masion on Turtle Creek. Soon behind him followed Stephen Pyles. Both have honed their own unique skills to perfection and each have enjoyed a loyal following over the years.

        Stephen Pyles
        1807 Ross Ave
        Dallas, TX 75201
        Phone: 214-580-7000

        Fearing's (Ritz-Carlton
        )2121 McKinney Ave
        Dallas, TX 75201
        Phone: 214-922-4848

        Like Foodie asked: What part of Dallas will you be in? AND will you be here over the weekend - ie, are you looking for brunches or a simple breakfast?

        1. Since it appears you are coming from NYC, you shouldn't bother with places that don't have a distinct Texas or Southwest take on food. The NYT selected Fearing's as the fifth best new restaurant in the country last year, and Frank Bruni stressed the regional dishes in his review. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/12/din... For reasons explained below, though, skip Fearing's for dinner. Instead, go to Stephen Pyles or York Street. Pyles has kind of a South American thing going on with some of his dishes (especially the incredible ceviches), and York Street is all about fresh, local, imaginative cuisine (Sharon Hage is often compared to Alice Waters). If you choose York Street, book now. The place is small and fills up pretty far in advance.

          For breakfast, Dream Cafe will not disappoint (unless you want a real Texas breakfast of eggs, chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, in which case go to a joint like the Original Market Diner). I'd suggest, instead, brunch at Hattie's, in Oak Cliff -- Southern style cooking, with style. I also like the brunch at Cafe San Miguel, a very good Mexican place.

          For lunch -- go to Fearing's. Have the tortilla soup, which deserves its fame, and the barbequed pork tenderloin or the "mopped" beef tenderloin.

          Of the other suggestions on this board, the only one I'd definitely skip is Iron Cactus -- although it does serve good margaritas.

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            This has been helpful for my question (different topic) too.

          2. If you plan on being in central Dallas...
            For a romantic meal, I would recommend The Grape on Greenville Avenue or York Street (call ahead for reservations)
            For a fantastic Asian Fusion restaurant I recommend Steel
            Great Breakfast for not a lot of money try Original Pancake House (chain but delish) or the Garden Cafe
            Fun drinks (beer ice cream float) with a great view of downtown dallas go to the Belmont Hotel, or Barcadia is a fun bar with 80s arcade games, or the Gingerman has a great beer selection with a nice patio
            Good Tex Mex: Mia's, they have great brisket tacos
            Mac and Cheese: the Porch or Hibiscus

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              These are all great reccomendations. I posted my thoughts below before I read this. Good call from the brisket tacos to the mac and cheese at Hibiscus to the Grape for romance....
              Only bad call here... Steel. Most overatted, overhyped place in Dallas. It's where the $30,000 millionaires brag about going to while they sip a Grey goose at the Ghost Bar. To be fair, the food IS decent, but so many people swear by it and there are so many better options.

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                Thanks for the thumbs up it was my first post. I have only been to steel once and it was a weeknight and pretty empty so I will have to remember to definitely avoid busy nights, ugh the description you gave reminds me of dragonfly at za za, thanks for the tip!

            2. No Iron Cactus! No Cuba Libre! For breakfast, hit Garden Cafe. Lunch, La Duni or Mi Cocina. Nice dinner, York Street, Hibiscus, or Tei Tei. Javier's for the people watching (but if you're going to eat, just get the smoked chicken nachos).

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                On my thread, I was advised to avoid Javier's. Worth going to?

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                  NO, Javiers is NOT worth going to...extrememly overrated!....

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                  I have to say I do not understand the support on this board for York Street. We had a totally mediocre meal there.

                  Every really good meal we've had here has been at a steak house...Charlie Palmer was good but you have that in NY, Nik and Stef's was also very respectable.

                3. Breakfast: Kathleens Art Cafe
                  Lunch: Mias
                  Dinner: Al Berneits (expensive steak house) or Tei Tei (fun and very good sushi) or Abacus

                  This is a good mix of Texas restaurants...staples to holes in the wall.

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                    To get in all the things I'd want to do, I'd need to to Al Biernat's at lunch. For breakfast, I'm thinking TIn Star and now Kathleens maybe?

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                      Tin Star for breakfast? Your wife will kill you.
                      Kathleens, your wife will love you and you will be very satisfied.

                      Your choice from there, but I know a happy wife is a happy husband.

                      Al's for lunch is good, but I would recommend it more for dinner and doing something more casual and less filling for lunch, like Mias or Chueys.

                      Just my 2 cents... lots of good posts here, you can't go wrong.

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                        Tin Star is great for fast food but I agree with Carnivore that you can do better. If you want Mexican for breakfast, you want to go to the type of place that serves menudo, even if you don't get it. I generally avoid "tex-mex" for breakfast.

                    2. for breakfast I would say Cafe Brazil, its really a local standard and has many locations. You cant beat the Migas and the Location Near SMU on 75 is great for outside eating in the early morning. Some good people watching.
                      Lunch, not far away is the Mockingbird Station with Urban Taco. Super great atmosphere and these are not your mamas tacos, very good and not too pricey at all.