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Sep 9, 2008 07:34 AM

Best variety of mushrooms in T.O.?

I'm looking for somewhere IN the city to buy a wide variety of interesting mushrooms. I'll go to whatever neighbourhood, green grocer or grocery store - I'm looking for variety and quality. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

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  1. Generally, the two best and most reliable are Harvest Wagon and Pusateri's. And you pay for the privelege. The prices are high, but reflected in the quality that you get. If you're tuned into the local organic markets, there is one local producer with very good shiitake, oyster, and honey mushrooms called the Funguy. Also, the Cookstown folks have had puffballs on a couple of occasions, and if you're lucky, the Forbes folks have had morels, chanterelles, lobster and hedghehog shrooms. Depending on the market, though, these sell out very quickly.

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      Snarf, sounds like you just might also have been out picking wild mushrooms yourself?? Nevertheless, knowledge is essential!!! Decades ago, in a just off road bush my parked car attracted the attention of 2 gents, and the 3 of us had a great time/. They were wildly laughing at my separate pickings of mushrooms. Neither would consider none but the one they knew! I picked 2 types, they stuck to one! I have ever continued alone to pick that bush! As I lead to my confusion with your posting, of Honey Mushrooms that you called Funguy ---- Funguy a name, OK, the honey mushrooms a Ukrainian name - pi penke, meaning grown on wood I think -------------- in season in hardwoods there are lots, but Funguy mushrooms, Funguy, hmmmm!!

    2. Snarf is right on the Funguy stand. I saw him at the Brickworks a couple of weeks ago and his variety was really nice.

      Also there is a person who sells mushrooms in the North Market at the SLM on Saturdays (second row towards Jarvis at the north end by the Sheep's Cheese vendor. Their mushrooms are quite good and I have seen a decent variety but, of course, it always depends on what is in season.

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        Otonabee, yeh Funguy is a vendor as you describe him! I guess my misinterpretion is in the sentence sequence used. Thanks, I appreciate it!!!! The Honey Mushrooms are an easy fall find as I mentioned!!!

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          There is a mushroom farmer who shows up at the square one farmers market, not sure if that's "out of the city" for you but he has quite an interesting variety and goes on to explain them.