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Sep 9, 2008 07:28 AM

Anything New and Exciting in Asheville, NC

We will be visiting the downtown area over Thanksgiving and would like to know if there is any thing new from our post from last year. Any suggestions welcomed. We are from the Philadelphia area. We like seafood, French, Italian, New American, trendy, upscale..etc.

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  1. You might want to do a search for posts from the past year...offhand, Cucina 24 has been getting good reviews, as has the new "bar" space (not sure thats the right description) at Marketplace. French Broad Chocolate Lounge is great for choco-holics, and the Thirsty Monk is a neat place to explore beers from all over the world. I think all those are new within the past year...

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      I think Carolinadawg has hit all the new and exciting spots that I would mention....It's Bar 100 at the Marketplace - food sourced w/in 100 miles of Asheville. There are a couple of new steak places but I haven't been to either and reviews have been mixed so am not ready to try.
      We really like Curras Dom in Woodfin and "new" Mexican place - wonderful ...esp their tres leches cake.

    2. What about the new chicken and waffles place? Haven't eaten there yet, but sounds good...

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        Chicken and waffles??? where? Back in PA there was a chicken and gravy over Belgian waffles that was amazing....

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          Mo Daddy's is the chicken and waffles place... I've heard great things about the bar itself and the music, mixed reviews about the food. haven't been yet but might check it out this weekend.