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Sep 9, 2008 07:00 AM

Dallas: Kalbi help, please!

Hey everyone,

I am currently living in Seoul and am loving the food! My mom will be visiting in a few weeks and will get to try it here, but my dad is disabled (walks but uses a cane, long distances a problem) and didn't feel comfortable making the trip. I think it would be really cool if my mom could take him to a place in Dallas when she gets back, so that he can kind of "feel like he's been there" since I won't be back in the states for another 6 months. I can tell he's really bummed about not being able to come over.

I've seen lots of good chatter about Chosun, Seoul Garden and Kalbee house, but was wondering what you know about the accessability of these places. I think he would love doing the "at your table" style, but do any of those places offer on/in-table service that doesn't require sitting on the floor? Also, as neither of my parents speak Korean, which place would be the easiest to navigate?

Thanks in advance for your help, I think it will really mean a lot to my dad!!

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  1. TxSeoul08,

    Very sorry to hear about your dad. I am not sure if your nationality is Korean or not but a call to any of thse restaurants could answer a lot of questions (if you know Korean that is even better). I believe all of them have at least the required minimum disabled parking alotted by city code. If there is a violator parked in a disabled spot is a different story. I would let the restuarant know a head of time that your mom might need assistance. Also assure your mom it is okay to ask for help, I am sure the manager or shift manager might send someone out to assist.

    As far as the food Chosun Kalbi is more tucked away and is harder to find if you don't know where it is. I like the panchan here the best and I think the food overall is more consistent. Seoul Garden can be hit or miss and it is typically packed (might be difficult for your dad). There are several other restaurants in that area I will have to get back to you on. I would send them to Chosun Kalbi though.

    1. None of them requires you to sit down on the floor. Mirak has easy access, since you can park right in front of it, and also inside the restaurant.

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        Mirak is under new ownership (i.e a new restruarant name) the last time I checked and possibly could be closed. Just an update.

        Also here is a link to a post that references other posts.

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          since on the topic of korean food, has anyone tried the many korean bbq's that have popped up next to super H mart? decent enough to make the drive and any outstanding dishes? thanks!

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            I've tried the bulgogi at one of the fast food counters inside H-mart. It was better than expected for fast food. Has Omi Grill (next to H-mart) opened yet?

      2. dear txseoul08, glad to see interest in korean bbq.. i wish the fad would hurry up and get hot here in dallas, it even made it on the hills, korean bbq that is.. my rec would still be my favorite kalbee house in carrolton, it is by far the most asthetically pleasing.. meaning they did not skimp on the decor, and the array of pancha is the most so far, they are always super nice. please see previous posts about this place, i have not tried chosun myself though, i just keep going to kalbee house for kimchee chigae and seafood pancake and bbq of course.

          1. I read somewhere that Seoul Garden is the only Korean barbeque that used the special coals/wood. I can't remember what they use. You need at least three orders of grilled items to get a grill. The parking lot is a nightmare, but I do believe they have handicap parking. They take reservations and you can ask. I grew up eating Korean barbeque and used to go to Korea town in Los Angeles and Orange County at the top places. Seoul Garden is not as good those places. I like the rice with the crispy layer on the bottom and their tiny dishes are not good, but nothing to write home about. You don't sit on the floor. In fact, some of the tables are walled off where it's like you almost have your own private room.

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              Kalbee House has tables with both electric grills and hot coals--just be sure to specify which kind you want when they seat you. The food is very good and the assortment of panchan they give you seems endless at times. The waitstaff is super nice, and parking is convenient. You can even sit outside if it's a nice day (or night).

              I've been to Seoul Garden once. The food was OK, but the staff was kind of rude and not attentive at all.