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Sep 9, 2008 05:37 AM

Eaten at Clementine Since all the Media Hype Released?

I keep reading mixed reviews about it, and I thinks all the negatives are due to the fact they werent expecting to get slammed like that.

Were supposed to go Thursday, I am just trying to prepare myself for what it is, and not create false hopes.

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  1. Do you have reservations? I was there about a week ago and I am pretty sure that they are closed for a couple weeks while they expand into their new space.

    We have been maybe 10 times and have consistently loved it. The only negative experience that I have had was once when we had a reservation at 8 pm and didn't get seated until 8:30. IMO this speaks of how desperately they needed to expand!

    1. I've been 4 times and have also consistently loved it. I've always had a reservation and have never had to wait. Each time the menu is different so it is exciting to go and not know what will be offered. I am curious where you have heard negative reviews... I don't recall any on here?

      Also, they are supposed to close soon for renovations... not sure when however. If you don't have a may want to call first before just heading out.