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Sep 9, 2008 05:31 AM

Do Your Friends or SO's Know of Your Chowhound Obsession?

This might seem a bit strange but, I was just thinking that if one day anything ever happened to me, and I was no longer able to post, due to death or serious injury, no one I know would ever really know about my "alter Chowhound ego". My husband might know of my CH interest, but I don't think he knows that is a borderline personal obsession of mine. I don't talk with my friends about CH either. I may send them a lead on a cool place to eat, or a great recipe that I read about here, but they also don't know my tag name, what I post etc. I've been keeping this "secret past time" for years... Anyone else there in a similar situation?

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  1. My Dh and most of our friends are well aware of friend who lurks asked if I was "Janet from Richmond" which surprised me (this was before my blog was linked from my profile).

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          this might be helpful to you. There's a ton of other sites out there to regarding this type of abbrieviation.

      1. I don't think that I would have that problem. My SO knows about my obsession and because I use the same "name" for most of my online stuff he would recognize my tag (I also have the page bookmarked and always logged in). I talk about Chowhound so much that my mother has started using it to research restaurant recommendations in the DC/NoVa area and recipes. She has stumbled across my posts and will call me about them. And my roommate knows that I use the computer to search for bars and restaurants, but I don't think he knows that it's Chowhound (and a little bit of yelp).

        1. I've mentioned it to a few of my foodie friends and they think I have nothing better to do while I'm at work. It's a great way to pass time while I'm being held captive by our "help" line. I found Chowhound on accident when I googled a sushi place here in Mpls/St. Paul and was routed to a Chowhound review. I've been hooked ever since!

          1. I don't keep it a secret at all. My husband recognizes a few of the names of some posters I quote often, either funny, knowledgeable, etc. At first, when I'd say something like, "Well, goodhealthgourmet said to do this and I trust her judgement..." or "MMRuth made this duck dish that looked so good I have to try it" (or whatever the poster name was that wasn't a real name), my husband would look twice at me. Who???

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              I do the exact same thing with my husband ... both about cooking and restaurants. I guess he's used to it by now!

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                aww, chowser, i'm beyond flattered that i'd ever make it into your household conversation...and that you trust my judgement ;)

                my family knows about my CH obsession - i'm always mentioning things i've read here and "conversations" that occur on the boards. every time someone i know talks about wanting to try a restaurant based on a recommendation from a third party - be it a friend, a newspaper review, a Zagat review, or anywhere/anyone else - i always tell them not to do anything until i check it out here. i trust you guys more than other sources.

                my family used to think i was silly/weird/nuts for being so into it, but now whenever my mom has a question about anything food-related - cookware, appliances, restaurants, cooking techniques - shes asks me for the CH answer :)

                now, having said all that, do i think they *understand* or appreciate the true nature of my obsession? absolutely not. if i started mentioning you guys by name in conversation the way chowser does, they'd send for the men in white coats to wrap me up in one of those armless jackets. but i like it this way. CH is a community, and i love that it's completely separate from other areas of my life. it's one of the only things i do for myself that's all about me and what makes me happy. some people decompress by watching mindless TV shows or reading romance novels, i come here to check out the latest posts.

                i'm thankful that none of my family members will ever be here trolling the boards themselves, because if they saw some of the things i've revealed about them they'd be piiiissed!

              2. Most of my family & friends already think I'm a food freak....they can't understand why I go to the farmer's market, insist on Lucatelli cheese, won't eat at chain restaurants (unless forced), seek out the best bbq & tacqueria's in the Triangle region. They can't imagine what I do with all those saved copies of Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines, no clue as to why I would ever have more than one cookbook, don't understand why anyone would ever have more than one 12" skillet or why on earth I find it necessary to have 4 different chef's knives and heaven forbid if they actually came across my paring knife collection.

                I actually tried to have a conversation the other day about the merits of California garlic versus the Chinese variety...I may as well have been speaking Chinese based on the looks I received.

                With that being said, they don't mind all of these obsessions when I'm hosting a dinner party or taking food for one of their parties but, if they ever found out about my alter ego on CH I'm pretty sure they would have me committed!