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Sep 9, 2008 02:19 AM

Blue Velvet Friday - Wonderful evening

Six of us (4 adults and 2 pups) had a delightful evening at Blue Velvet this past Friday. I'll probably have to turn in my Chow card for not keeping track and detailing everything coming our way... There is a more detailed review from August for those interested:

Blue Velvet's atmosphere could best be described as Mad Men for the new millennium. Beautiful room, with beautiful people having a beautiful time. There is a swimming pool in view with additional seating outside for drinks. We were told (which we didn't know) that the pool can be used by customers before dining, with towels provided. At sunset it all looked like a Hockney painting,

As for the Chow: The food truly was exquisite without being precious (a past complaint here). VERY ample portions, and simply delicious. Standouts among the entrees were the Halibut and the Kobe filet, with everyone nuts about the pork belly (see the pics from the past review). Desserts were also hits - a terrific Baked Alaska, a tasty Blueberry something (can't recall - sorry), and a quite unique cannoli with strawberry basil ice cream.

The entire staff - hosts, hostesses, servers, and bartenders were affable, attentive, courteous, and most efficient. Jared was in the kitchen that night, with every dish a home run.

While it might not be the first choice to take kids, the staff couldn't have been more polite and patient - to the kids and the grownups who sometimes behaved as kids.

Am I being sufficiently effusive?

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  1. So glad someone else went and had a great meal. I wanted to try the Baked Alaska. I don;t have much of a sweet tooth and would only have eaten a bite or two so it seemed wasteful. Can you describe the wonderfulness of it? As a kid in the 70's, my mom used to make this for dinner parties!!

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      The 2 couples shared 3 desserts, with the Baked Alaska probably being the favorite. The meringue looked picture perfect but since it's been a few days, I can't remember why, just that we all loved the different tastes and textures.