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Sep 9, 2008 02:05 AM

Best value restaurants in Oslo?

Most of the threads on Oslo restaurants are focused on fine(r) dining and targeted at the 2-3 day stay in the city. I recently moved to Oslo and love eating at good restaurants, so I figured this thread might take a different track.

In short, I'm looking for the best "bang for the buck," whether that be cheap but pretty tasty or expensive but best food in the world. Any local favorites are also more than welcome because there is likely a reason the restaurant became a local a favorite. :)

I will kick the thread off with a restaurant I thought met my criteria:

Very good Palestinian food and a lot of it for the price. We had the mezha with meat and left the table happy as larks for about 200kr per person.

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  1. Saigon Lille Kafe in Møllergata is the kind of place you go for large plates of reliably pretty good, very cheap Vietnamese food. I was there a few weeks ago with three others and the final bill was about 500 kr. I'd describe it as cheaper than Habibi but slightly less great.
    Mother India in Pilestredet is my favourite Oslo Indian. It's not extremely cheap (currys are 150-200), but it's reasonably priced and very high quality. The nan breads are particularly delicious. I was there last night, and our bill for two, with papadams, chutneys, nan, two curries and one drink was about 450 kr.
    Cafe Sara in Hausmanns gate has a typically eclectic Norwegian menu - there are Turkisk dishes, as well as Mexican, as well as basic bar food. But the food is reliable (the vegetarian grill is surprisingly tasty) and pretty inexpensive.
    Those are my initial recommendations. I don't know whether you read Norwegian (as you said you have just moved here), but there was an article on cheap Oslo eats recently in Aftenposten:
    They offer some pretty good, neighbourhood specific, suggestions.
    Hope this helps.

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      Thanks for the recommendations! I'll definitely check them out.

      I read a little bit of Norwegian and it's slowly getting to be more.

      How much do you trust's reviews? I haven't been to enough places yet to be able to tell if the users there are as trustworthy as chowhounders.

      1. re: WFU03 is not really trustworthy. try oslopuls, or

        1. re: hamha

          I agree with hamha.

          I had a couple other recommendations: the best coffee in Oslo, I think, is at Tim Wendelboe in Grünersgate 1. It's not cheap, but they are very serious about coffee, everyone who works there is passionate and educated, and it is just basically a very nice place.
          The best shawarma, according to all of the discerning people I know who love shawarma, is at Mediterranean in Torggata (down the end by Osterhaus gate). My boyfriend likes it even better than Habibi.