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Is there such a thing as "Mac 'N Cheese" Pot Pie?

As in macaroni and cheese stuffed inside a pot pie shell?

Perhaps it would be carb overload, but the idea sort of intrigues me for some reason.

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  1. Never heard of it, but I scoffed at deep fried mac and cheese balls until I tasted one.

    1. Sort of similar to my dream of making a Mac'n Cheese sandwich!

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        My husband makes them, and they're delicious. Think mac and cheese grilled cheese...with kraft blue box pasta, and kraft singles, of course.

      2. Sounds kind of revolting. But possibly something someone like Rachael Ray or Paula Deen would make.

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          what about with a puff pastry ,mmmmmmmmm

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            Couldn't you imagine a lobster mac 'n cheese encased in a flaky pot pie pastry shell?

            I think that would be pretty good.

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              Almost as good as a hotdog salad.

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                I think a lobster pot pie with a nice flaky crust would be great.

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                  Lobster Pie and Clam Pie are very popular where I am, I made them for Christmas Eve last year. You can use regular pie crust or puff pastry.

            2. I've seen a mac and cheese pizza along the same lines.

              1. It sounds great! BTW, in Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, noodles are used as top crust for pot pies. I've tried it - a little chewy, but good. Come to think of it, a slab of cheese over those noodles would keep them moist, and there you have it - mac'n cheese topped pot pie!

                1. My daughters friend prepares homemade mac n cheese and pours it into a pre baked pie crust and tops the mac n cheese with thinly sliced roma tomatoes. Sprinkles lots of salt & pepper over the tomatoes and bakes it until bubbly. No top crust. Sliced and served with a green salad it's actually a great quickly pulled together meal.

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                    That sounds really good. I might give some variation of that a try when the weather turns a bit more chilly.

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                      Almost a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes.... hmmmm.

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                        chec c, I'm sure that was her inspiration. I love grilled cheese & tomatoe on rye...so I'm thinking a rye crust might be the way to go!

                    2. Probably great with a flour type crust. But I'll bet if you baked mac and cheese in a well greased glass pie plate it might get a nice baked cheesy crust on it's own!

                      1. There will be when you make one.


                        (Think about adding some crumbled bacon!)

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                          Bacon and diced tomato!!! Like grandma used to make.

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                            Could you mix some bacon or pancetta in with the crust??? omg.

                          2. I haven't heard of it by why not? I have the same crazy carb craving to combine the beans I make that are nice and rich,spicy with polenta. I tear pieces of cornbread and let them soak and take single bites at a time. I am thinking, why not just ladle it over some creamy polenta? mmmmmmm.

                            see wouldn't it be easier?

                            Heck yeah, make the mac an cheese pie, and lots of cheese sauce for the pastry and make it from scratch. Nice cheese sauce, oh yeah.

                            1. What if you made a parmesan crust - at least for the bottom of the plate? You could do it sort of like frico....

                              1. I've seen spaghetti stuffed into a pie shell before so why not?

                                1. Yeah, that famous timpano in "The Big Night" was a crust stuffed with pasta, among a ton of other things. Go for it! And we will be expecting a report, preferably with pictures...

                                  1. There is now. It sounds like a all 'round kid pleaser. Heck, toss in some chicken or hamburger too, some veg matter if you wanted. Give it a try and let us know..

                                    1. one of the foods I missed most (and still do!) when I left Scotland were Macaroni Pies! They to me are the ultimate comfort food - a pastry case stuffed to brimming with bright orange macarnoi cheese!

                                      You can see a picture here http://www.scotsmeat.com/acatalog/Sco...

                                      Now Im sitting at my desk craving a pie and tomato ketchup!

                                      1. Isn't there an Italian thing like a baked macaroni in pie crust? I seem to envision Lidia B slicing into one... or maybe it was my Aunt? But def not orange mac n' cheese- this one had tomato sauce. Maybe cheese.
                                        We always take leftover pasta and make a frittata- let the bottom get nice and crusty with eggs and plenty of parm, maybe melt some mozzarella ontop. I once threw some shredded pepperoni in there (I felt like it) but I won't do that again-it was like I was trying too hard.