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Sep 8, 2008 10:21 PM

Algonquin Park

going up to Algonquin Park, any rec. for fine dining between Gravenhurst and Algonquin Park? thanks. Or a sports bar .

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  1. 3 Guys and a Stove in Huntsville?
    Plenty of sports bars in both Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and Huntsville - can't name one in particular. A few overlook the water, which may be important criteria if it's a nice day.

    1. Fiery Grill in Dorset has a fantastic patio on the water, good blues on the weekend afternoon, and very respectable cajun food.

      On the sports bar end of life, you could try Crabby Joe's in HUntsville.

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        I'm sorry to report that both 3 Guys and a Stove and Crabby Joes have terrible food. The best places on Hwy 60 are both right in Huntsville: The Buther's Daughter and the Farmer's Daughter. Both are cafe style and are more markets than restaurants.

        1. re: acd123

          I was recommending Crabby Joe's as a sports bar, not a food destination. That was the request. Sports bar by definition means the food sucks. Although CJ's does a credible pulled pork sandwich.

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              Yes, Arowhon Pines is fantastic. Stayed there for 3 days a few years ago and enjoyed every meal. Remember to bring your own wine.

                1. re: Dimbulb

                  Yes, she takes summers off reviewing to run it. Usually, the chef is someone from the Toronto scene who is between gigs. As noted above, unlicensed, so byob. Vintages in Huntsville has improved of late.

      2. Thank You acd123.. they do suck. Try Muskoka on the Rocks. Decent pub food with a patio. Its on Hwy 60 at Hillside. About 5 mins from Huntsville and about 30 from the park entrance. Yummy burgers, ribs, and lots of beers on tap.

        1. I seem to recall Tall Trees was pretty good, but that was a few years ago. Seating is limited so I think you have to have reservations

          Arrowhon Pines is very nice but a little on the expensive side. It's a long drive in off highway 60.

          Cottage Front Grill is a good family restaurant...gourmet pizza, steak etc. Located right on the river with a nice view (nice patio in the summer


          Stay away from 3 guys and a Stove or the Deerhurst Inn. Both are coasting on the past reputations (which weren't all that great to begin with IMHO)

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          1. re: Finnegan

            We have a family cottage near Huntsville so we're always on the lookout for great places. We usually end up at Quiznos :-) I like the chicken liver appetizer at Tall Trees, the halibut and chips at West Side and everything at the Butcher's Daughter (especially the grilled Reuben and bacon cheese dog) and the Farmer's Daughter. Oh yeah, and Kawartha Dairy ice cream.

            Some EXCELLENT news. My sisters went to a new place in Huntsville called La Dolce Vita ( They're foodies and said it was very good. We haven't been yet but we'll go next time we're up. If it's as good as they say it is, we'll be very very happy. It will be nice to have some good Italian other than East Side Marios (although I shouldn't knock ESM because I've never been).

            In terms of Algonquin Park, I did a canoe trip there last weekend. We had banquet burgers at the Portage Store which weren't bad. Maybe I'm saying that because I had it after eating canoe trip food for 3 days. Although come to think of it, we eat pretty well on canoe trips. We ate fried sandwiches (my fried pita pizza sandwiches are pretty good), chili cheese dogs (Baldwin dogs weren't bad), embellished KD, eggs and bacon, etc. We deserve food like that after all that portaging and dragging in low water conditions.