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Sep 8, 2008 08:56 PM

Lobster Dinner in Maine

We are traveling to Maine on Sept 21 to look at some colleges, and I would love to take my daughter out to a delicious lobster dinner.
We are flying into Portland airport but not getting in until about 8pm, and then driving up to Brunswick to stay overnight and visit Bowdoin the next day, then leaving Maine.
We could stop and eat anywhere from Portland airport area up to and around Brunswick or outskirts), but it can't be a place that closes at 8 or 9 pm as we probably wouldn't make it in time.
We are not looking for a picnic table/eat-in-your-car shack for lobster rolls...we would like a nicer place for a sit down dinner of lobster, chowder, seafood, etc. Doesn't have to be fancy if it is delicious.
Anybody have any suggestions?
Thank you,

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  1. Not sure how late they serve (could not find hours on website)...but try Broad Arrow Tavern in Freeport. It is part of a hotel (Harasseekett Inn) but casual atmosphere and has what you are looking for right off 295.

    1. Try Street and Co. in Portland.

      1. That's a Sunday night. Portland--as most of Maine--is not a late dining town, and restaurants often will close before posted closing hours if traffic is slow. I agree with the Broad Arrow Tavern, as it's in an inn and therefore most keep hours to satisfy guests, but even there, I'd call or email to be sure it will be open. If you go elsewhere, call first, make reservations, make sure restaurant knows you're coming in by plane and ask how late it will hold a table or remain open, should you be delayed.

          1. How about the Kennebec Tavern in Bath....great chowder and lobster bisque and the lobster speaks for itself....I think they might be a little later, especially if you call but be aware, things close early down east.