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Matzah Brie?

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What restaurants still serve a good Matzah Brie in Manhattan? All the ones we used to go to are now closed.


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    1. B&H on 2nd and St. Marks. It's a VERY small luncheonette.

      1. 2nd Ave. Deli....33rd street

        1. Eisenberg's on 5th near 22nd.

          1. It's not matzoh brie, it's matzoh brei

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              Whoops! I knew that too!

              Ihanks everyone!

              I've had the matza brei at the Edison, it was really really greasy.They seem to fry it.

              I didn't realize 2nd avenue deli makes it, I think I'd be too frustrated by not having sour cream with it.

              Definitely want to check out B & H and Eisenbergs.

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                I agree, B&H then Eisenberg's. Pass on Edison. It tastes like processed commerical fry oil there, feh! matzoh brei must be cooked with butter. Order it with sour cream and strawberry jam for dip of each with each bite. Can't say about Sarge's haven't been there since the 80's.

            2. Sarge's is OK too, but this is a tiny bit harder than scrambled eggs so you can try this at home

              break 3 boards into a bowl, add water, let soak till matzo is soft but not mush, drain water and press a little to get out excess, beat two eggs... mix it in, heat frying pan and cook, add salt or sugar or sour cream (ick ) as you wish (if you are the sour cream type sautee some onions fist and add them to the mix)

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                My dad always uses a little orange juice to sweeten it or maybe some raisins. My grandma used kosher sweet wine. Sour cream is a garnish only.

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                  I've always preferred a savory matzoh brei, so I go the onion route. I generally use the same procedure as you, except I use milk instead of water (which can also enhance the 'French Toast' effect if you are going the sweet way with the raisins, et al.) Cooking in schmaltz can also add another taste dimension.

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                    Yes, savory is the way to go and chicken fat is even better than butter, sautee the onion in chicken fat and then cook the whole thing in it add nothing but salt. And then call your cardiologist

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                      Here's a good CH link discussing all about matzoh brei. I too prefer savory, but simple. I rinse the matzoh under the tap, dip it in the egg, and fry it up in a skillet with a ton of butter and bit of salt. It comes out crispy, and rich. I'd love to do the shmaltz version one of these days.

                2. My grandfather (a lifelong Kosher deli worker) made it savory and I prefer it soft, almost soggy. You can achieve this by soaking it in warm water a bit first and then soaking it in the egg for a while. Though it's obviously a matter of taste. He also used to make it with chopped onions. Yum!